Why Dr Suneet Soni

Dr Suneet Soni is a world-renowned and recognized Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon and a pioneer name in the field of hair transplant Surgery who has a significant presence in the world-famous societies of Plastic & cosmetic surgery along with the leading hair restoration societies, i.e., ISAPS, ISHRS, AHRS, Etc.

Plastic & Cosmetic surgery is a combination of science & art in which artistic part plays a major role in the scientific approach. However, to achieve the best cosmetic benefits, it is evitable that your Surgeon should have quality experience along with the highly précised artistic sense to put the best results.

Dr Suneet’s landmark medical publications on Plastic & the Cosmetic surgery faculty & Repair Hair Transplant Surgery have revolutionized hair restoration curriculum. He has respected credit for his keen aesthetic sense, exceptional surgical skills, and honesty regarding his patients’ best course of treatment.

There are a lot of examples and record of surgery results that reveal the Dr Soni’s aesthetic skills, expertise in the hair transplant surgery world as well as his extreme sense of making the natural hairline design as according to patient’s age, sex, facial profile and the patient’s professional need is a remarkable one!

Dr Suneet Soni’s vision behind the foundation of Medispa Centre in Jaipur & Delhi, India is to provide world’s best Plastic, Cosmetic & the Hair Transplant surgeries under a single roof equipped with all the standard facilities & hygienic care, which made Medispa- A worldwide destination for the quality hair transplant services and Cosmetic treatment for both men and women.

Why Should You Choose Dr Suneet Soni


Dr Suneet Soni holds an M Ch. Cosmetic surgery, M.S. General Surgery, F.C.L.S Mumbai, and V.S.P.M.R.S, Taiwan. Presently, Dr Suneet serves as the Director and Chief Consultant for Medispa Plastic, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant centre.

Dr Soni is a recognized member of many Plastic, Cosmetic & Hair Restoration organizations a few names are jotted down below-

  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI)
  • Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AHRS)
  • India Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (IAPS)

Plastic Surgery Experience

Dr Suneet Soni has a vast experience & knowledge in the field of Plastic Surgeries with over thousands of successful cases of Microvascular as well as the Maxiofacial surgeries involving the free flaps surgeries, Cancer reconstruction, Brachial Plexus surgeries, Facial bone fractures as well as the Functioning muscle transfer. Dr Suneet’s Plastic Surgery experiences are well-enriched with the significant presence with the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), credited his contribution as a signature in the plastic surgeries world.

Cosmetic Surgery Experience

Dr Suneet Soni expertise in providing the utmost aesthetic results for the cosmetic surgeries included the special treatment of hair restoration as well. In his career, he has performed well over 3000+ cases of the hair transplant procedures involving both FUT/ strip hair transplant and FUE hair transplant as well as he invented the revolutionized technique of GIGA/MEGA hair transplant with the combination technique of FUT+FUE in a single session. Apart from the hair restoration, he operated thousands & thousands of the cases of the Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Gynecomastia, Breast reconstruction, Lip augmentation, Botox included many others.

It is important for a hair transplant Surgeon that he possesses an in-depth knowledge and experience of the cosmetic surgery with all the pros & cons in order to present the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure. This is the biggest decision for a patient to have the cosmetic surgery; especially the hair transplant procedure that the operating Surgeon must have an in-depth knowledge and idea about each technique advantages & limitations according to their best suitability for a particular case.

Hair Transplant Experience

Dr Soni’s involvement in the field of hair restoration is undoubted and remarkable. He is frequently been invited by the world’s most reputed societies such as ISHRS. ISAPS, Etc., to share his innovative ideas for plastic & cosmetic surgeries, especially the hair transplantation. He got honored by the European University as a standing professor for sharing his innovative techniques of the hair restoration among Doctors and Surgeon. He regularly arranges the hair transplant’s workshops & seminar to educate the Doctors and Surgeon in order to improve their aesthetic understanding as well as improving their technical skills. Dr Suneet is continuously giving the effort to enrich the hair transplant technique and development in the view of supporting the restoration field with innovative ideas, technique, and invention. 

Some of the active participation of Dr Soni is highlighted below:

  • Dr Suneet Soni has been invited to deliver a talk on the ‘Hair Transplant Surgery’ by the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration) meet Oct-2017 in Prague (Europe). The lecture was quite appreciated by many international faculties.
  • International Society of hair restoration surgery (ISHRS) Annual Scientific Congress Meet-2016 in Los Vegas (USA)
  • India’s 1st Live International Hair Transplant Hands-on workshop in Jaipur 2014 at Medispa
  • Presentation on combination technique (FUE + FUT) in Hair Transplant at HAIRCON 2013 Bangalore
  • American Hair Restoration Society (AHRS) annual meeting SA USA, topics included over-shooting safe donor zone in FUE mega Session and graft distribution, optimization in mega-session strip procedures
  • Live Hair Transplant Demonstration, DERMACON, 2012 at “The Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Jaipur”
  • National Hair Transplant Conference HAIRCON-2012, Kolkata in which Dr Suneet Soni presented his experiences of previous all 200+ cases of the successful hair transplant procedure.


  • Contributed in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan & Prince of Wells Hospital, Hong Kong
  • Super specialization in Hair Transplant from Taiwan
  • Ex-consultant of FORTIS Hospital
  • Visiting scholar in Micro Vascular & Reconstructive surgery from Tata Cancer Hospital, Mumbai
  • Over 11 years of experience in the field of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, especially in the Hair Transplant field
  • Performed well over 3000+ cases of the Hair Transplant procedures involving both the FUT/strip Hair Transplant & FUE Hair Transplant as well as the combination of FUT+FUE
  • Performed more than 2000 + cases with Mega/Giga session hair transplant
  • Specialized in Free Flap & Microvascular surgeries with over 11 years of experience

Artistic Skills of Dr Suneet Soni

The cosmetic surgery challenges the surgeon in ways often difficult to comprehend. Not only does the surgeon have the perfect surgical knowledge, but he also assesses the patient with the eye of the artist and the mind of a psychoanalyst. And, Dr Suneet Soni has such Artistic skills that make him unique in the hair restoration world. Dr Suneet Soni’s artistic sense has been appreciated and acknowledged from many national & international leading hair restoration societies. The cosmetic surgery is all about the aesthetic looks and it is mandatory for a surgeon to have such kind of skills in his hand to give the best possible aesthetic & undetectable outcomes.

The Artistic Skills of Dr Suneet Soni can be determined by his artistic sense such as: 

  • Painting skills: This is a prerequisite for a hair transplant Surgeon that they must have good painting skills as it is required during the making of hairline design on the particular recipient site of the scalp.
  • Sculpture sense: It is expected from a Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon that they must have the sculpture making sense in order to perform the surgery as it is most needed when a Surgeon is performing the Rhinoplasty, lip enhancement, breast reconstruction, Etc. the sculpture sense is necessary to present the best cosmetic benefits of the surgery.
  • Portrait making Ideas: The portrait making idea and skills is relevant to the plastic & cosmetic surgery and this quality makes him able for the surgical procedure in an aesthetic manner.

Logical Decision ability & the scientific understanding

A good Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon is one who has the ability to decide the thing logically relative to the cosmetic benefits of the procedure. The logical decision ability that comes after a number of years’ experience that evaluates the scientific approach in the perspective of the cosmetic surgery needs, planning, selection of the patient, and the careful utilization of the methods that helps a Surgeon in achieving the desired goal of the Plastic & Cosmetic surgery.

Understanding Progressive Hair Loss & Future Requirement:

The hair transplant Surgeon must have the understanding to know about the future progression of hair loss, according to the patient’s need and preserve the donor area in order to make the possibility of future sittings if required. So, it is very particular, while choosing the feasible technique, which makes the future sitting possible. The speculation sense is required during the graft extraction when the technique is FUE as it wholly & solely depends on the Surgeon’s forecasting ability to know about the angle & direction of the hair roots while punching.

Pain Management

At Medispa Dr Suneet Soni has developed a kind of local anaesthesia, which is a mixture of some kind of medicines, which effect until more than 12 hours and makes the procedure a hassle-free without even a pinch feeling of pain. However, there is no need to give multiple doses of anaesthesia at a regular interval, which may increase the discomfort for the patients and they experience the null feeling till the surgery lasts!

Even while the injection of local anaesthesia, we use some kind of vibrator and chilled ice packs to dislocate the pain and the patient won’t feel the even the niddle pain as well.

The hair transplant procedure at Medispa is completely painless, free from any kind of discomfort.

Understanding of Safety & Hygienic Concerns

Medispa always maintains the UK standards of hygiene & safety!

Dr Suneet Soni is extremely concerned about the safety & hygienic measure at his Clinic. The operation theatres of Medispa are always fumigated on the regular basis. The equipment is sterilized before every procedure to ensure about infection-free cautions. We always keep defabulator & oximeter in standby mode for rare emergencies. Most of the pieces of equipment are disposable in order to avoid the chances of any kind of infections.

We have designed our operation theatres in such a manner that they support an infection-free surroundings.

The Patient’s room at Medispa Hair Transplant Centre features private spaces with en-suite bathrooms and well-equipped rooms with all the standard facilities and care.

Every year Medispa served more than the thousand patients across all over the world with utmost care & safety that gives an infection-free and a safe procedure with the best outcomes.

Practical Approach

A Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon must have such an understanding to know the patient’s expectations in suited with the realistic approach to getting the goal of the procedure.

The evaluation is an important part of a pre-procedure step to know the patient’s expectations in order to understand the practical possibility under the surgical limitations.

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