What is a Bio-FUT/ Strip Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant procedure is one of the best cosmetic surgery procedures that are used to regenerate the original hair roots in the area where the roots got lost and it is needed to be transplanted. The hair transplant procedure is divided into categories and scientifically named as the FUT hair transplant and the FUE […]

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4 Top Reasons to Choose Hair Transplantation

The procedure of hair transplant is being opted by a number of hair loss patients across the globe. This is one of the best cosmetic surgical procedures to get back the natural hair from the patient’s own scalp. This procedure involves the shifting of hair roots from the donor area into the recipient bald area […]

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Treatment of Hair Loss in Dubai

The problem of hair loss is a major topic to understand & discuss as it is affected by the cause of genetic as well as the factors related to the Traction, cosmetics, diet or an accidental or burnt hair loss. According to an estimate, it has been pointed out that around 95% men and 70% […]

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Top 3 Basics of Hair Transplants

The hair loss problem or baldness in men or women decreases their self-confidence & self-esteem needs that must be corrected with the procedure of hair transplant with the expert hand. The procedure of hair implantation or restoration is one of the most important concerns of the plastic & cosmetic surgery that requires an extreme artistic […]

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Knowing about Hair Transplant Cost in India

The procedure of hair transplant is a type of skin grafting, in which skin with grafts/hair follicles are transferred from hair zone to the no hair zone and covers the bald area with full hair and confirms the aesthetic results of the procedure by giving the utmost natural hairline and best densely-packed hair. This is […]

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Hair Transplant Repair is Possible in Jaipur

A significant number of hair transplant surgeries performed in Jaipur are correct the wrong hair transplant. A wrong hair transplant is one in which a surgeon fails to shift or place the hair follicles at a proper angle and direction. Poorly placed or shifted hair follicles give you the unnatural look with an awkward result. […]

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