Why is FUT Hair Transplant the Best Option

The hair transplant procedure has the topmost place in the Plastic & Cosmetic surgery world as it is the only single option to regain hair naturally and permanently. The hair loss affected patients are very much concerned about their look and about the losing hair that they are increasingly losing day-by-day. What they think to […]

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Dr. Suneet Soni Visited Prague for ISHRS World Congress

Dr. Suneet Soni is one of the leading Plastic & Cosmetic surgeon in India, and a specialist in Hair Transplant. He has over 12 years of experience in hair transplant surgery, including the other plastic & cosmetic surgery. Dr Soni enriched qualifications, experience, skills, and expertise set him apart from other Surgeon or Doctor in […]

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Hair Transplant in Delhi at Reasonable Cost

The male pattern baldness is a common problem that is genetically distributed and transferred from one generation to the next as an effect of DHT sensitivity of the hair roots. Scientifically, the problem of pattern baldness is known as the Androgenic alopecia, which is common in both male and female. The problem occurs in male […]

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Cost of Hair Transplant is less in India

The procedure of hair restoration is one of the most concerning aspects of the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery and it has been reported that the hair transplant cost is less and easily comes under the budget cost option, which attracts patients from all over the world. The ratio of getting the surgery done in India […]

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Diffuse Hair Loss & The Hair Transplants

Diffuse hair loss is also known as the chronic Telogen Effluvium, in which hair follicles started falling with an increased rate and the subsequent thinning from all over the scalp, except the back & sides of the scalp. The hair appears thinning instead of losing the hair follicles and that frequently appears all over the […]

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Hair Transplant in Delhi Are Advanced But Not Costlier

The cosmetic surgery procedure is increasing in the relevance in India due to the expert Surgeon, best Clinics, great care as well as the standard facilities matched with American standard and the last, but not least the affordable cost of the cosmetic & Plastic Surgery procedure attracts the patients from all over the World to […]

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