Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get a head full of hair by the hair transplant procedure, which is now famous with the prime locations like hair transplant in Mumbai along with the Jaipur and Delhi. We are proud to share this information that every year we engaged clients throughout the World for the hair transplant service and the reason behind the client/patient generation is the affordable hair transplant cost in Mumbai. We have thousands of thousands happy client/patients across the globe who have taken benefits of the hair transplant procedure performed by the pioneer Surgeon Dr Suneet Soni. The hair loss/baldness problem in Mumbai is also a critical problem and every year around hundred patients visit Medispa from Mumbai itself to get the hair restoration procedure by all the available technique of FUT Hair Transplant in Mumbai, FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai as well as the combination method of FUT+FUE (Mega/Giga session) Hair Transplant in Mumbai.

As far as the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai is concerned, it is all adhered to the meaty cost option that is not always favorable for the economic class of people and that’s why people headed towards the other states like Jaipur, Kota and Capital, Delhi to get the procedure done in India with the best cosmetic benefits. The best hair transplant Doctors in Mumbai and all over in India give their acceptance to the value and significance of the live demonstration and workshop session by which they enhance their knowledge and practical experience for the hair transplant procedure.

Top 3 Reasons for Hair loss/baldness problem in Mumbai masses are mentioned below:

  1. Hard Water Exposure

Mumbai has a drinking water problem and it’s a matter of concern! Being a sea city Mumbai has many problems linked to safe water availability. The water found in tap is hard water that causes the hair loss problem. Many times the male pattern baldness or hair loss problem has aggravated when the scalp has got exposed to the hard water for a long time. This kind of hard water is generally present in the deserted areas as the mineral content of the water is fairly high.

  1. The Lifestyle & food-habit

Mumbai also famous as a ‘Mayanagri’ or dreamland has a different lifestyle and food-habit. It is all influenced by the Western culture and the Bollywood industries as a number of millionaires & billionaires share a space in Mumbai and they have randomly adapted the foreign culture, whether we talk about the lifestyle or a transformed food culture. People have no time to relax and all are in a hurry and so they are willing to do the things in a very easy and quick manner. However, they tend to opt the fast things to regularize their daily scheduled work. The transformation can be seen through their food-habit, travelling, lifestyle with smoking & being alcoholic, sedentary life habit, Etc. results in the occurrence of many health problems, including the hair loss and baldness.

  1. Prolong Exposure to the Chemicals

The Mumbai masses are very addictive to the fashion and quickly opt the things, which are in latest fashion and in this row, the hair color or styling of hair come first that causes the hair loss problem. For people who have been coloring their hair since many years or doing some alternative method to style, their hair causes a great loss of hair and their natural beauty. If you are constantly exposed to the chemicals for a many years, then there may be a dramatic increase in the cases of the hair loss problem and that is why many people from Mumbai headed to the hair transplant clinics.

Hair transplant in Mumbai is a bit costly option, but if the same procedure provided by another state or City charges a less price because Bollywood celebrities already occupy a space to get the procedure to enhance their looks and appearance as a part of their professional need. However, many common masses look into another state or city to get the procedure at an affordable cost. But, the reality is something different and why it changes is a matter of introspection!

It has been seen since last 5-7 years that the Bollywood celebrities itself chosen the option of hair transplant in Jaipur, Delhi & Dubai and why this is happening is all because of the name of the pioneer Surgeon.

Being a global name in the hair transplant industries we share a reputed space for offering the best aesthetic outcomes of the procedure and we have a number of Bollywood clients who got benefitted by our hair transplant service performed by Dr Suneet Soni.

Recently, famous Bollywood star Mr Karamveer Choudhary got his hair transplant done with Dr Suneet Soni and happily satisfied with his results as his own word, ” Dr Suneet Soni is master of aesthetic skills that made his dream possible with an appealing back”.

Actor Karamveer Choudhary Hair Transplant Results with “After & Before” 6 Months Pictures to know the actual progress that he got with Medispa:

Actor Karmveer Choudhary shared his views about Dr Suneet Soni and appreciated his artistic skills as he got a very good result of the procedure and now successfully live their acting life with his transformed looks.

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