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Chennai is one of the major places in India that provides the hair transplant procedure. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu known as one of the biggest cultural, economic, and educational hubs in the South India. The hair transplant clinics in Chennai use the latest method and advanced technology, but it is not the assurance of having the success of the procedure as the outcomes only depends on the performing Surgeon’s skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience, which must be taken as a serious concern while choosing the best hair transplant Centre and the best hair transplant Surgeon.

On the context of cost, the hair transplant cost applicable in Chennai is based on the 3 major factors that are listed below for your kind consideration:

  1. Traditional Method: Most of the hair transplant clinics in Pune focus on the traditional method of cost in which a lump sum price is charged according to the number of sessions taken and the covered bald area that estimates the usable number of grafts and based on that speculation a lump sum price is determined for the procedure which is not a fair option for those who has a smaller grade of NW baldness.
  2. Per Graft Pricing: This is also a very prominent method to put the cost of hair transplant, which is known as a genuine method as this method of pricing is free from the hidden costs, but very few clinics in Pune apply this method. The price of per graft prominent in Pune ranges between Rs.20-120 INR/. One graft usually contains 1-4 hair follicles, and one graft means that you can get the 1-4 hairs that are decided by your extent of hair loss as well as the desired density to cover the particular area of baldness.
  3. Per Hair cost: This is a new method of putting the cost of the procedure introduced in the hair transplant world that is decided by per hair. One graft may contain 1-4 hair follicles and if the pricing method is per hair basis, the cost will be decided by usable per hair rather than a graft that can be an expensive one!

The hair loss problem in Pune people or any other geographical location occurs due to the genetic reason, which is scientifically known as the Androgenic alopecia that genes transferred from either parent.

Nowadays, apart from the old-aged people, the hair loss problem or baldness can be seen very commonly among the teen boys or the youngsters. So, it is an alarming state and we must try to get over the problem of hair loss by applying the best technique and a healthy practice in order to solve the problem permanently with the hair transplant procedure.

Why Pune People come to Medispa Hair Transplant Centre to receive the hair restoration procedure is worth to discuss there and can be understood by the following points of consideration: 

World’s Pioneer Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr Suneet Soni is a world-renowned and recognized Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon and a pioneer name in the field of hair transplant Surgery who has a significant presence in the world-famous societies of Plastic & cosmetic surgery along with the leading hair restoration societies, i.e., ISAPS, ISHRS, AHRS, Etc.

Dr Suneet is greatly acclaimed for his unique combination of a keen artistic eye and extensive surgical experience that makes him increasingly popular in JAIPUR, DELHI, INDIA drawing celebrities and others to be transformed.

World’s Top Most Hair Transplant Clinic

Medispa hair transplant centre comes among the one of the best hair transplant centre in India is a matter of praise for us. It makes the word true that “why Jaipur is counted as the best hair transplant treatment destination!” As the Clinic and Surgeon offer the affordable cost of hair transplant procedure with all the UK standard facilities & care that suit the clients of all the classes and creed. The hair transplant in Rajasthan became a global option for the hair restoration procedure that attracts the clients/patients from all over the world.

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Cutting-edge Technology

Medispa Hair Transplant Centre offers the cutting edge technology, includes Carl Zeiss optical lenses, the 20x magnification of German microscope and 200x magnification of video-assisted microscope with all the modern facilities and feasibilities. These all apparatus helps in the process of graft dissection in order to meet the maximum yield ratio up to 99% by maximizing the viable number of grafts and minimizing the damage rate, which enhances the rate of output to support the desired goal of the hair transplant procedure.

A Huge Team of Trained Technicians

Medispa hair transplant centre has the largest team of trained technicians that help in achieving the desired goal of the hair transplant procedure. The trained team of technicians has more than 8-9 years of experience in the same field that can assure you about the best outcomes of the procedure with a maximum yield ratio.

A large cutting room for the graft dissection

The best hair transplant centre is the one that is all equipped with the modern and advanced technology as well as having the large cutting room equipped with world-class facilities and standard. The largest cutting room helps in the process of graft dissection to avoid the mistakes and misshapen during the practical work for the hair transplant procedure.

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Know Your Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant surgery aims to achieve a result that is as natural as possible. In order to do this, however, we need more than the most up to date techniques.


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