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Training at Medispa


Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur (India) offers weekly training in hair transplants for the Doctors in order to enhance their knowledge & skills. The training program provides a comprehensive understanding of the hair restoration. These programs will provide a comprehensive education in the field of hair transplant surgery. This Training is about 1-week duration. Training will be given by Dr.Suneet Soni, (Director, CEO) at Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Center, Jaipur & Delhi, India. Interested Doctors are requested to send the details on email at info@medispaindia.in or call at +91 95717 50906.


The fellowship program will consist of both observations and assist at the operating table in selected stages of surgery.

  1. Discussion: Introduction to Hair transplantation basic, overview of surgery Practical: observation of procedure
  2. Discussion of case selection, role of medical treatment, different methods of transplantation Practical: observation of procedure
  3. Discussion of hair restoration surgery routine. Introduction to equipment and instrument
  4. Discussion of FUT, Microscopic dissection, methods of dissection Practical: Learning dissection and observation of case.
  5. Discussion of Scalp anatomy, anaesthesia, hairline design, donor site harvesting and closer, graft preparation, graft conservation and quality control Practical: Learning dissection and graft preparation                                                                                                                     
  6. Discussion of Slivering under 5 x magnifications, Graft cutting under 10x magnification Practical: Learning dissection and observation of case. learning to punch under the microscope
  7. Discussion of specific problems: density, methods of graft insertion under the microscope.Practical: Learning dissection, learning dissection under the microscope, Discussion of postoperative shampoo and care of a patient.
  8. Discussion of female alopecia
  9. Practical training Pre and post operation pharmaceutical treatment
  10. Post operation care
  11. Sterilization techniques
  12. Patient Evaluation
  13. Use of equipment
  14. Record keeping
  15. Customer Service and Management


Note: Any procedure in which the trainee has to participate, a prior permission will be approved from the patient. The Patient permission, patient safety, interests and medicolegal aspects will govern with the involvement of the trainee in all the cases. The decision of the senior staff will be final in all circumstances.

 * We can guide and help you in arrangement of accommodation

 * A Training certificate will be provided on the behalf of Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre.


 Doctors got benefited on this training program:

Dr Milin Doshi                                  Dr Siddharth M. Sakhiya      Dr Kinnar Kapadia
Mumbai                                               M.Ch. (Plastic Surgeon)           M.Ch. (Plastic Surgeon)
M.Ch. (Plastic Surgeon)                      Surat                                        Ahmedabad
Dr_milindoshi@yahoo.com                                                                            kinnar_kapadia@rediffmail.com

Dr Vijay Singhal                            Dr Bhagwat Swaroop Mathur   Dr Kiran Mathur
MD (Skin & VD)                              M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)                  MD
Delhi                                                London                                          London
Dr_vijaysinghal@yahoo.co.in      bhagwatmathur@yahoo.co.uk           kirbha@yahoo.com


Dr Chameera Bandare                 Dr Vikas Kunnure                 Dr Pragyan Sahu
Oculoplastic Surgeon                    H.T Surgeon & Physician        MBBS
Sri Lanka                                       United Kingdom                       England
Chameera75@yahoo.com           drkunnure@hotmail.com            drpragyan@yahoo.co.in



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