Trichophytic Closure and their need in FUT Hair Transplant

The Trichophytic closure is an advanced technique for closing the incision area during the strip harvesting in the FUT procedure of hair transplant. The Trichophytic closure is all about a technique to hide or remove the scar on the donor portion that looks after the wound suturing. The Trichophytic donor closure technique is used in […]

How Hair Transplant is a Science and an Art

The ultimate goal of the hair transplant procedure is to achieve the most aesthetic outcomes in terms of desired density as well as the natural hairline design that is as according to the patient’s facial profile as well as their style need. The procedure is as much as the science it is an art too […]

Taking Moments Out of Our Lives

Hair transplantation is an art and science of cosmetic surgery procedure that requires the aesthetic skills and knowledge to insert the graft correctively on the recipient zone results in aesthetic hair transplant outcomes. The aesthetic skills and expertise of Surgeons in this regard taken as the most valuable aspect of the hair transplantation. We love […]

Hair Transplant Needs Aesthetic Skills

Hair transplant is a corrective measure with surgical procedures for almost all types of hair loss if it not categorised under the situational causes. Hair transplant surgery is an excellent, viable and a permanent natural solution for your hair loss/baldness that cure your Androgenic alopecia in a most effective manner. Hair transplant surgery is the […]

A State where the Restoration is All Natural

Hair loss is common when it comes out in the number of 100 or less than that of hair strings in your comb. Hair loss in common in older people and if occurs under the age of 21 then it’s called the hair loss problem. The hair loss problem arises in a severe form when […]

Cost varies with combined Repair in hair Restoration

The cost of hair transplant may vary with the patient to patient and the best way to know the actual cost of the procedure, do go for a proper consultation session with your Surgeon/Doctor. The best way to analyze the cost of hair transplant depends upon your grade of baldness that says about the actual […]

Is it Worthy to take FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a procedure for obtaining the follicular units/grafts from the donor portion and transfer it to the bald portion (recipient one) and there are the main differences in taking the grafts from the donor portion as compared to the FUT (Follicular unit transplant). Follicular unit extraction is an old method of […]

An Innovation that opens the Option of Restoration

It has been scientifically proven than the back side portion of the scalp doesn’t affect with the DHT (DI-hydro Testosterone) and no effect of Androgen alopecia occurs there. The top and crown part of the scalp is highly affected with the Androgenic alopecia and the hair loss/baldness sign first appeared these parts and taken as […]

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