Problem of Hair Fall/Loss/Baldness in Australia

The Hair transplant procedure is considered to be the final option for those who are suffering from the hair loss/baldness problem. The hair fall/loss problem in Australia is as common as the rest part of the world and the genetic factor distribution in population as similar as that of any geographical location’s masses. Although the causative agents in terms of the external/environmental stimuli may differ that depends on the climatic condition, water sources and the level of pollution, both in the environment as well as the pattern of occupying the stuff related to the food, drink, smoke and the last, but not  least is the perverted lifestyle.

Apart from the Androgenic alopecia (Genetic hair loss), The Major factor in Hair Loss/fall in the Australian people is jotted down below:

Pollution (Air & Water)

The pollution level in air and water both are in their increasing level causes the several problems on human health, including the hair loss problem. Australia is surrounded by most of the seas. However,  the chemically treated water come in the tap and of hard in nature causes the hair fall problems. The increase impurities in water make it hard and are inappropriate for the user. When the people start using these hard water to wash their hair causes the greying of hair, dandruff, hair falling and ultimately the hair loss. Australian people always tend to do the things by the mobile way and even the journey on road is not untouched. People prefer to use a vehicle for a short distance also and it causes the increased level of air pollution by the messy traffic and a number of vehicles on the road.

Smoking, Alcoholism & Drugs

Smoking is a major cause of hair loss as the increased masses of young people addicted to it and hair fall problem starts at a very young age in Australia. Drugs addiction are also not untouched, it may be taken in the form of steroid pills also that causes the hair fall/loss problem. To drink alcohol has always been considered the major health risks that lead to the problem of hair loss. According to the survey, 2017 of AIHW (Australian Institute of Health & Welfare), 6% of Australian men are perversely addicted to the drinking habit that causes the hair loss problem in a very early age. The alcoholic drinks are not good in terms of the body chemistry as the alcohol depletes the Iron level in our body, an important mineral for the hair growth. Taking the much alcohol regularly leads to excessive shedding and losing of hair at a very early age in Australian people.

An Unhealthy Eating Habit

Being healthy is all about what you eat – choosing the right diet plan with right food. The unhealthy eating habit is a major cause of hair loss. The Australian people prefer the junk food (fast food) which causes a lack of the essential nutrients of Vitamins and proteins results in the hair loss problems. The ‘meat pie’ is a national dish of Australian people and other similar foods that contain the high level of fat & sugar leads to the several health hazards like diabetes and increasing level of cholesterol causes the fluctuations in hormone and the excessive eating of junk food behaviour abruptly increases the calories in the body that results in the many health issues, including the hair loss problems. According to the Australian Institute of health & welfare has announced that 68% of Australian men are affected by the obesity.

The Sedentary Life

The lifestyle of the Australian people is very sedentary and they spend lots of their time in seating jobs rather than moving from one place to another. The tech-world made the things easier, but we lost the flexibility and wants the things in a single second that is entitled with the machinery works leads to prompt service and deterioration in a healthy attitude towards life. It has been found that more physical works provide the healthiest environment to the hair follicles for their growth. If the person prefers the gadget and machines to do a task, there is a less physical exercise that saves the burning of the calories leads to hormonal imbalances and ultimately results in hair fall. So, it is better to prefer exercising and physical works, if you want to have the healthy hair follicles.

Lack of Work Life balance/Stress

The Australian people have lack of knowledge towards the healthy lifestyle and prefer the things with a machinery mode that prevent them from doing the physical exercise as well as a stressful surrounding at their workplace leads an unhealthy attitude towards their life, including, the overeating or under eating and this behaviour is not good for our body hormone. The hormonal fluctuations disrupt the DHT level and increase them enormously results in the severe case of hair loss/baldness. With a view of preventing the hair loss/baldness and stress, the Australian government issued the general health guidelines for the people in terms of a healthy lifestyle and behaviour, but very few are following those rules and still there is need of a revision for planning the work life balance attitude.

Why is Medispa Hair Transplant Centre, a trusted destination for hair Restoration among Australian People?

Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre in Jaipur is a very popular among the foreign patients, including the Australian masses as well. The name does matter as the particular one is headed by the renowned and the best hair transplant Surgeon, Dr Suneet Soni, a Worldwide reputed name in the hair transplant world. World’s topmost Surgeon, Dr Suneet Soni is the CEO of Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant centre famous for their outstanding results in terms of the aesthetic placement of the grafts and high-density hair transplants.

The aforementioned fact about the Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre can be best described by the quality of the Surgeon and characteristics of the Clinic are as follows:

Hands-on Practices & Training by World’s topmost Surgeon Dr Suneet Soni

Dr Suneet Soni, a globally recognized name in the hair transplant treatment run the Medispa hair transplant centre in both the location of Jaipur (Rajasthan) and capital, New Delhi, India. Dr Suneet Soni has a record of giving the remarkable result of the hair transplant procedure with an utmost aesthetic appeal in terms of natural hairline design as well as the 100% natural re-growth of the hair. Dr Suneer Soni is continuously contributing to the field of hair restoration societies, i.e., The ISHRS, ISAPS Etc. to enrich them with new knowledge and information about the hair restoration practice. Their hands-on practices workshop on time to time have played a pivotal role in the enrichment of the hair transplantation field. Many Doctors and Surgeon across the world used to come to Jaipur (Rajasthan), India to attend the Workshop and get benefitted from Dr Suneet Soni’s work and experiences in the field of the hair transplant procedure.

World Class facilities & Care at an Indian Cost

Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre offers you a World class facilities and care, including the best hygienic management in the clinic premises at an Indian rate. The benefits that Medispa offer are all unique in comparison to other clinics in India and the cost of the hair restoration procedure is about 24-25% of the cost of the hair transplant treatment in Australia.

The quality care of Hair Transplant at Medispa is highlighted below:

  • World’s best Hair Transplant Surgeon
  • World class facilities of care and Hygiene
  • American Standard of Parameter
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Affordable cost
  • The courteous staff as a facet of the Indian cultural value & Ethics.

The Affordable Cost of the Procedure with all the Best Facilities

The cost of hair transplant surgery at Medispa is only established after the proper assessment and consultation by Dr Suneet Soni. The cost of hair transplant of Medispa, Jaipur is considered to be the most affordable one that is about 1/4th of the cost of the hair transplant in Australia. The cost of hair transplant procedure in Australia is very high and as far as services and care are concerned, it is not like the pattern of our Indian culture & behaviour that focuses on the courteous behaviour and a genuine care for their patient. The cost of hair transplant in Jaipur (Rajasthan) and the cost of the hair transplant in Delhi of Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre comes under the budget-class option and weighs a genuine price as according to the patient’s grade of baldness, the suitable technique for the patient as well as the needed number of hair grafts for the patient.

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