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The hair transplant cost is the first pertinent question that is asked by the patient and for that, they surf the internet or any external sources before going to take the procedure. This is a better way to know about the hair restoration procedure in-depth as well as the Centre’s reputation and Surgeon’s recognition in broad as the cost of the procedure not only linked with the monetary expenses, but also to a large extent, it explains the procedure in a while to grasp the thing in an extensive manner. Being a most relevant option for medical tourism in India, the cost of hair transplant in Jaipur & hair transplant cost in Delhi with the context of hair transplant cost in India offers the best affordable tariff that is suitable for any income group of people with all the best facilities and care at an Indian rate. When we compare the hair transplant cost in Turkey and also the cost applicable in the other countries of the USA, UK or Europe, the cost of hair transplant India is quite an affordable option that can suit to every economic group of the people/patient.

Region of the Balding Scalp (distribution of sites in the Front, Top/Vertex & Crown)


The index key of cost calculation is the NUMBER OF GRAFTS. The Graft calculator helps you to know about the cost to some extent, but the exact cost will be determined by the proper assessment by Dr Suneet since the cost determination is not a straight action. If you want to check the pre- & post-procedure result of our patient you can go through the thread of patients’ photo gallery.

Some examples of the aesthetic results of our patient can be Seen & Checked through the following link to photographs

The number of grafts that you exactly need to cover your particular grade can be best determined by the grafts calculator as drafted below:

The number of targeted grafts for transplant are methodically calculated on the basis of recipient/bald area. The Calculation is not as easy as it appears. Only an experienced and qualified surgeon can perform this task after the complete assessment of the receipt area and best available donor area to plan the proper graft extraction in the hair transplant. It is important to understand that only after completing the various stages of assessment, a Doctor can tell the exact number of the grafts and the cost. The cost of hair transplant comes under the worthy option among patients as it is one-fourth to the cost of the hair restoration in the countries like the USA, UK and in Europe. The cost of hair transplant in Jaipur can be the best selection if the treatment is done by the best hair transplant Surgeon/ best hair transplant Doctors. Dr Suneet Soni says that the cost based on the number of grafts is the fairest way to put the actual price as there is a prime role of grafts in the hair transplant procedure. The cost of hair transplant in Delhi/NCR is also a good option if the procedure is done by the right Surgeon/Doctor and the best hair transplant centre, which is equipped with all the modern and advanced equipment and facilities. One notable point that must keep in mind that if a clinic uses the word like cheap hair transplant procedure, then be cautious as the cost of restoration never be static as it depends upon a number of factors.

Grafts in Frontal Region of Scalp for Density:  Every face, every scalp, every hairline and every hair are different. So, according to the facial structure, hairline on the temple area is first designed. It becomes a borderline of hair transplant. Just above this borderline, the frontal region of the scalp starts. This area is covered with the grafts that hold a single or the double follicular units. It is a highly sensitive area. The artistic touch of professional hands is visible here. After marking the hairline on the frontal region, the empty recipient area is measured. The preferred density of grafts in this region is evaluated. Dr Suneet Soni is well-versed in making the suitable and best hairline design as according to the patient’s facial profile and their look and expectations.

Grafts in Mid-Scalp Region for Coverage: The purpose of hair transplant is to revive a younger and a 100% natural look. A hair restoration will be meaningful only if it restores a natural look and desired density. Normal hair density of Asians is around 85 to 95, among Westerners, especially blondes it is around 100 to 120 and Koreans is around 90 to 100 FUs/Sq cm. But, again, there is no blanket rule, it may vary from person to person. The Doctor will check the existing density and then assess the required density to restore a smart look. Based on the area and amount of baldness, grafts are estimated for dense packing in the Mid-scalp region.

Grafts in the Crown region (vertex): The crown is in the state of an ongoing recession, especially in men experiences the male pattern baldness. Crown hair transplant procedures are perhaps the most technically demanding of all types of hair restoration procedures because of the extreme hair angle changes that occur in the crown area in a whorl, or spiral, pattern, which must be meticulously recreated for a natural result. Additionally, the crown typically has extensive areas of baldness that require transplantation, resulting in the need for a large number of grafts in one area. Here grafts with double and triple follicular units are recommended.

The addition of grafts required in all three regions is multiplied with a variable. This variable is the accumulated cost of the technique (FUE or FUT), operation theatre, medicines used during the procedure, recovery room charges, patient room charges, professional charges of a surgeon, assisting doctors, nurses and technicians.

The Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre is equipped with an international standard modular operation theatre, a modern graft cutting room with German video-assisted microscopes, patient rooms with all amenities, a large number of trained technicians, and to top it all, the entire procedure is performed under the quality leadership of World’s renowned plastic surgeon Dr Suneet Soni. Despite world-class facilities and services rendered with a successful hair transplant, cost of Hair Transplant at Medispa in Jaipur & New Delhi/NCR are extremely genuine and they certainly do not burn a hole in one’s pocket, whether the procedure is FUT hair transplant, FUE hair transplant or the combination method of FUT+FUE hair transplant or a Mega/Giga session.

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Hair transplant surgery aims to achieve a result that is as natural as possible. In order to do this, however, we need more than the most up to date techniques.


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