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Cost of Hair Transplant 

Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur | Delhi | India

Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur | Delhi | India

The cost of hair transplant is an obvious and important question when you go for a hair transplant. It is not possible to present a straight picture of hair transplant cost before having an assessment with your doctor. Hair transplant cost solely depends on many factors, including the technique, the number of grafts, and a grade of baldness. It is important to get the assessment to a doctor before having the procedure for estimating the cost of transplantation that solely depends upon the patient need and grade of baldness.

Jaipur is playing a pivotal role in the arena of treatment of baldness and hair transplant technique as well as tourism.According to the Indian Tourist survey around, 2,00,000 people visit Jaipur each year and around 5% of them get themselves treated by the experts of hair transplant in Jaipur at an affordable cost with the best services. Jaipur city encompasses several highly advanced hair transplant centers like Medispa India, which is highly popular among the foreign nationals seeking hair restoration technique. The hair transplant clinic, Medispa India offers most advanced 4th generation hair transplant FUT technique with the Trichophytic closure which provides highly satisfying results, faster recovery, better growth of the follicular unit and sustainable grafted hair with no side effects.

Here the points which you must consider before taking the right decision and how the cost does affect the procedures are as follows:-

  1. Need of Patient : If a patient needs more dense packing means high density hair transplant, then the cost varies as per the number of grafts that need to cover the bald portion. Density refers to the number of grafts needed in per Sq.cm (FUs/Sq.cm) to cover the bald portion and the cost varies with the density that you choose! If you want more coverage with more number of grafts the cost will automatically increase and if you want less density the situation is vice versa.
  1. Assessment Needed by Doctor : Why assessment is needed is an important question to resolve the baldness issue and it’s also important as a pre-procedure measure that you must go for in terms of getting the best result. If you are not able to visit at centre personally, then there is an option of getting online consultation through facility available at our website.

Here some important factors that decide the needs of doctor assessment is as follows:- 

  • Reason of Baldness/Hair loss : Is your hair loss/baldness is due to Genetic/Androgenic (DHT) cause or it is conditional includes an accident, burns, diseases, chemotherapy or some chronological disease medicines, etc. Hair loss due to diseases is known as Alopecia Areata.
  • Suitable Technique : Which technique is suitable as per the grade of baldness to get the best results is a more important concern when you go for the hair transplantation. To cover your baldness or what density you need to cover your bald area, the doctor recommends the technique whether it will be FUT or FUE and according to the technique the cost of hair transplantation is identified.The doctor also identified your safe donor zone and the strength that tells the true picture of available density that you have in the donor portion and accordingly he will suggest you the technique of grafts extraction and that defines the cost for hair transplant procedure.
  1. Grade of Baldness : Your grade of baldness decides the technique, which you must go for! If you have large areas of balding (in that case you need more grafts to be implanted), then you should opt FUT technique. If the area of baldness is lesser and multiple sitting are not needed in future, then FUE procedure is sufficient to cover the bald area. A grade of baldness has reciprocally interrelation with the cost of hair transplantation.
  2. Hair Transplantation Technique : The technique of hair transplantation i.e.; FUT & FUE, define the cost of hair transplantation. The cost of hair transplantation is a major deciding factor when we talk about hair restoration surgery. The cost of hair transplantation is calculated on per graft basis. The number of grafts you need, the more cost it takes. Our motto is to provide the best hair transplantation session at an affordable cost that is as per your needs and expectations.
  1. Number of Grafts : For hair transplant procedure the cost is calculated on per graft basis. The number of grafts you need, the more cost it takes, but we are making sure you about the fruitful results in terms of the best hair transplantation as a cost effective hair transplant in India.





Grade II: If you have grade II baldness, then you are not the right candidate for hair transplantation. It is better to go for medicines rather than the hair transplantation which the doctor prescribed to enhance the thickness of hair and it will control your hair fall as well. In the Grade II baldness, the hair transplantation is only when required if the patient is not happy with their hairline design and the procedure depends on the wishes and expectations.


Grade III: In grade III baldness, a person can ask for hair loss remedy by medicines, but hair transplantation is as valuable as medicines and in this grade you are a right candidate for hair transplantation that resolve your balding issues completely. In this grade of baldness, you can plan for the hair transplant procedure in which 1500-3000 grafts can be needed.


Grade IV: If you are facing the grade IV baldness, then the hair transplant procedure is must get a natural look and number of follicular units that you require ranges from 4000-4500 to cover the bald area. In this case, medical therapy is continued on going along with the hair transplant procedure to preserve the existing hair.


Grade V: This is type of grade of baldness, multiple sittings may require (may be up to 2 sittings) or by combination method of hair transplantations (FUT+FUE) in a single sitting, by which doctor implants the 5000 or more follicular units (Giga session) to cover the bald areas.


Grade VI: This is the case of higher grade of baldness in which doctor recommends a Giga session that may require two or more sitting to cover your complete bald areas.


Grade VIII: This requires extensive 2-3 sittings to cover the bald portion.

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cost of hair transplant