Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Center, Jaipur & Delhi, India is a pioneer organization in the field of Hair Transplantation. It was established by internationally renowned Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Suneet Soni in 2005.

Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplantation Centre is internationally recognized for providing world’s best aesthetic Hair Transplantation and other Cosmetic Surgery Services under one single roof globally. Our clinics are equipped with state of the art infrastructure with the world’s best technologies. At Medispa, UK standard hygiene is maintained to provide a most hygienic environment to our esteemed clients. For Hair Transplant Surgery, there are separately dedicated operation theatres to minimize the risk of infection.

Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Center provides following services:

  • Hair Transplant Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Micro-vascular Surgery: Breast Reconstruction
  • Laser Surgery
    • Unwanted Hair Removal
    • Birth Marks Removal
    • Acne and Pimples Removal
    • Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars Removal
    • Skin Wrinkles Removal
  • Cosmetic Surgery
    • Breast Augmentation
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Face Lift
    • Breast Reduction
    • Botox

Millions of people make a decision to go for cosmetic treatments and procedures every day. Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Center is the affordable name to depend on for guidance and expertise when you are ready to proceed with that important decision.

At our Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Center, you’ll experience that you’re in safe hands. Endorsed by Doctors and guided by Dr Suneet Soni (Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon) and his team. We perform all of our cosmetic treatments and procedures in a clean and safe environment.

Providing an extensive range of cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant, liposuction, laser treatment, Etc.., we have delivered satisfaction to thousands of thousand clients. Comprehensive consultations at Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre determine the patient’s exact requirement in order to perform the procedure with 100% natural & aesthetic concerns. 

Dr Suneet Soni and the Clinic, Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre is now nationally and internationally recognized names in Hair Transplant world providing consistent world class results with top class specialities are as follows:

  • GIGA session (more than 3500 grafts per sitting)
  • Natural looking frontal hairline
  • Providing maximum Hair Density up to 75 FU per SQ cm.
  • Using magnification in each and every step of hair transplant to give more than 95% re-growth in each and every patient
  • FUE by US FDA approved S.A.F.E. system
  • Scar-less FUT method (Trichophytic Closure)
  • Combination Technique of FUE and strip method

Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur & Delhi has dedicated separate operation theatres for Hair Transplant and cosmetic surgeries to minimize the risk of infection. It has advanced and imported lasers technology to meet all cosmetic demands.

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Hair transplant surgery aims to achieve a result that is as natural as possible. In order to do this, however, we need more than the most up to date techniques.


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