What is a Robotic Hair Transplant?

The few companies like ARTAS, NEO Graft & iBRAIN Robotics asserted that if the procedure of hair transplant/restoration is performed by their machines termed as the Robotic Hair Transplant as machines use the artificial intelligence and companies, claims that if the procedure done by the robotic machines, it gives a better result as they use the artificial intelligence. But, the FACTS  are different!

The FACTS behind Robotic Hair Transplant (FUE)


ARTAS claims that it is completely a robotic hair transplant.

FACT: The machine uses the Robotic arms for extraction of Grafts only, while the most important Implantation process is done manually again.

ARTAS machine does the process of Graft  extraction with a faster pace

FACT: An expert hair transplant Surgeon can perform the extraction much faster with attaining the quality grafts than the Robotic one; which is guided by the Surgeon through the computer screen.

ARTAS claims that machine uses the artificial intelligence for perfection

FACT: As far as surgical procedure is concerned, human intelligence can perform procedure effectively with a high precision.

The Neo-Graft

The hair grafts are extracted by the FUE technique in which negative suction of a needle called as Neo-Graft is used to extract graft instead of forceps. And, the implantation process is done manually.

However, there is NO ROBOT IS USED AT ANY STEP!!!


The Grafts harvesting is done by the FUE technique only and the extraction process done by a negative suction needle, which is attached to the FUE machine.

But, the implantation is made by the needle of the implanter, which is usually BIGGER in terms of the gauge than the conventional one! And, again, there is no use of a Robot like things at all!


So, it is just a marketing maneuver to decoy patients/people.


The expert and experienced Surgeon can perform the extraction in much better and faster way to more perfection in comparison to any machines that claim that the Robotic procedure can give a better result!

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