PRP: Platelet-rich Plasma

Nowadays, most of the hair transplant Clinics commercially propagate that the PRP, an acronym of the ‘Platelet-Rich Plasma’ is an alternate of the hair transplant procedure, but it is NOT right as it can only control the hair loss and improve the thickness of hair to some extent. It is good for those candidates who are simply affected by the Norwood grade I or II baldness or suffering from the hair thinning problem, which is often seen among youngsters! But, the repeated sessions are required at a regular interval of 2-3 months to maintain the results; otherwise, the effect will reverse.

The Facts about PRP is Worth to discuss here:

  1. PRP is only a temporary solution to hair fall as it cannot regenerate or recreate the hair root at balding area
  2. PRP only allows the hairs to thicken and can postpone hair loss for limited period and is not the solution to the baldness
  3. PRP is not an alternate of the hair transplant as many Clinics claim it to decoy the patient and exploit the hair loss treatment world
  4. PRP is only fruitful for those patients having lower grade of baldness, suffering from hair thinning problem or very young for receiving the hair transplant procedure
  5. It is a temporary solution that requires the repeated sessions at regular interval of time, say within 2-3 months repeatedly
  6. It is not scientifically proven or documented yet research is still going on!

What is PRP?

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a concentrated blood, which is concentrated by the proper RPM and then injected into affected areas.

The small quantity of blood that is taken from the patient’s own scalp is concentrated with the help of a centrifugal machine in order to re-inject the concentrated platelets into the affected areas.

Am I a good candidate for PRP?

The PRP session is fruitful for those patients who have a lesser grade of baldness such as Norwood grade I or II. It is also admissible in the case of the hair thinning problem.

If a person is too young to receive the hair transplant surgery or having a starting phase of hair loss, PRP can be recommended. In such a case when the patient is affected by a higher NW class of baldness more than grade III, the only permanent solution, which is recommended by the Surgeon, is the Hair Transplant!

When does a PRP preparation go wrong?

A Wrong Mixture: The science of PRP is all based on the concentrated blood plasma enriched with platelet count injected into the patient’s scalp. It is advisable for the patient that they must receive the PRP treatment only with the expert Doctors as the concentration & preparation of the solution does matter with respect to the recommended temperature with proper RPM of a centrifugal machine. Even a small mistake while preparing the PRP can lead to a poor or zero results.

The Centrifugal force & Temperature: The centrifugal force, and temperature of the centrifugation, as well as planning of the PRP injection, affects the PRP result for which a good Doctor is required with many years of experience. The centrifugal speed with proper RPM is considered while preparing the PRP solution.

For the preparation of PRP, various protocols are used, with an underlying principle of concentrating platelets to 3-5 times physiological levels, then injecting this concentrated form in the tissue where hair growth is desired.

The Recommended Place for getting the PRP Treatment?

It is advisable for the patient that a PRP treatment must be taken from an expert Doctor or a hair transplant Surgeon who has proper facilities of the PRP needed equipment and expertise for giving the treatment with utmost best effect and results.

At Medispa, we prepare PRP solution under the guidance & supervision of expert Surgeon Dr Suneet Soni, having a number of years’ experience for giving the best PRP treatment. At Medispa, we use globally recognized high-end machines for preparing the PRP solution with zero error tolerance. In such a way, we always assure about the best PRP results to our patients who visited the Medispa centre from all over the world.

Is PRP is a permanent solution OR an alternative to Hair Transplant?

PRP is a temporary solution to hair fall and only can control the progression of hair loss or an option to thicken the hair rather regenerating the hair at a bald portion, whereas a hair transplant procedure has an ability to regenerate the hair roots at the bald areas.

How is long lasting the result of PRP?

The PRP needed to be repeated at a regular interval of 2-3 months to maintain the effect and once you stopped, the hair loss started again with hair thinning that is not a long-lasting option. However, the results of hair transplant remain for lifelong.

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