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Patients must remember that after removal of the follicular units/grafts from the donor portion, especially become empty and no further hair growth possible on that particular point. Many patients while sharing their experiences and states that after the hair transplant procedure, the hair growth at the back of the head is completely stopped and the scalp is clearly visible.

Maximum Possible Coverage Area with High-density


An expert and best surgeon of hair transplant can extract a significant number of grafts without damaging the donor area. The extraction of the very high number of grafts or even the more than 2500 hair grafts via the FUE hair transplant procedure is technically not possible and can cause a prolonged recovery time and at the same time, the donor area of the scalp with multiple numbers of the white spot cannot hide. However, the scope of any future session from the same donor portion diminishes completely.

Extraction of around 3500-4500 grafts in a single sitting is a routine job of Dr Suneet Soni. The credit for harvesting the large numbers of grafts in a single session is wholly and solely a dedicated job of the Dr Suneet Soni and his Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre’s team via the FUT hair transplant and the combination of FUT+FUE (Mega/Giga session).

According to Dr Soni, in order to carry out the procedures for a higher grade of baldness such as grade V or VI Norwood class, a large number of grafts are required. If the extraction is made with graft punches under the FUE technique, then it is practically not possible to cross the extraction limit numbers of 2500 grafts.

In a Giga session, where the challenges are to fill a large bald area with the highest number of follicular units of 3500 or more than that without having any sign or mark of the graft extraction the FUT or a combined method of FUT+FUE are applied. For achieving the remarkable success in a Giga session, the best hair transplant clinic must be fully equipped with the latest machines/equipment, trained workforce and a qualified plastic surgeon with full of aesthetic skills and immense knowledge of the procedure along with the enriched experiences.

Dr Suneet Soni and his assisting team of experts routinely perform the Giga sessions of hair transplant. Transplanting a higher number of hair grafts is not as big challenge as ensuring the survival rate around 99% grafts to the new location of a bald portion.

It is a matter of pride and confidence for Dr Suneet Soni that how efficiently and perfectly they do their job in order to achieve the high-density hair transplant for greater grade of baldness to ensure the greater output with more than 3500 grafts in a single session via the Giga/ Mega session at Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre.

The hair transplant in Jaipur and Delhi/NCR, India comes on the top due to the availability of the best hair transplant Surgeon and Doctors, who successfully perform the FUT, FUE and FUT+FUE (Mega/Giga session) to give the best outcomes of the procedure. The cost of the hair transplant in Jaipur and Delhi/NCR counted as the most affordable with utmost facilities and care of American standard that made a turn on for the patients/clients. What Dr Suneet Soni offers is the true value of the cosmetic surgery procedure that helps in re-achieving your beauty with health.

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Hair transplant surgery aims to achieve a result that is as natural as possible. In order to do this, however, we need more than the most up to date techniques.


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