Innovative Hair Transplant at Medispa

Innovative hair transplant is a modified version of the conventional technique of hair transplant. Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre owns a giant set up that can afford to bring modernised infrastructural changes, compatible with international standards. The conversion technique has brought about a considerable change in the traditional style of hair restoration. The Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre/Clinic, Jaipur & Delhi (India) has introduced a protocol system under which every procedure is carried out.

Pain Management

Painless Hair Transplant Treatment

Under this protocol, it is perceived that the patient coming for hair transplant does not feel pain or discomfort at any point in time. It may be observed that a large number of candidates who have undergone the hair transplant procedure in other hair transplant centres experience various complications along with pain and discomfort. It is at Medispa LASER, COSMETIC & Hair Transplant Centre only, where the introduction of innovative procedures has taken care of all possible pain and discomfort of the patients and has promised a new look without any complication and side effects.

High-Density Transplant

Low-density hair transplant is very much a common practice in most of the hair transplant centres. The patients are made to believe that insufficiency of blood supply will not be able to nourish a large number of closely placed grafts. However, the reality is something else. Low-density hair transplant is easier to perform in a low standard set up. It needs less skill, expertise and infrastructure to perform. The Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur & Delhi has the power to give high-density hair transplant. After the full growth of transplanted hair, the bald scalp completely hides under the thick and dense growth of new hair. Moreover, in many cases, the high-density hair transplant procedure is carried out at Medispa without shaving off the head.

High-Density Hair Transplant around 90 FU/SQ cm

Trichophytic Closure

When a patient suffering from the highest grade of baldness comes for a hair transplant, he actually needs the result, irrespective of any grade of baldness. It will not serve the purpose even after the investing time and money, the patient does not get the result he desires. In such a situation, the technique of FUE is avoided because it will not provide an adequate number of grafts to shield a big bald recipient area. Besides, it will severely damage the safe donor area. For covering a large area, the only strip method/FUT hair transplant is preferred which delivers outstanding, natural-looking results. Generally, while harvesting grafts through the strip method, the linear scar remains visible. But under an innovative technique at Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, the scar becomes almost imperceptible. This technique, known as Trichophytic closure provides an optimum surgical means for minimising the visibility of the linear donor scar of the patient. It is achieved by trimming the lower edge of the incision, then closing the gap in a manner that allows the hair near the edge of the scar to grow through it. This helps to camouflage the scar while creating a tight bond between the two sides of the flap. As a result, the scar becomes difficult to see even when patients keep their hair short. It is indeed a gift of innovative hair transplant, which was practically not possible before the development of the trichophytic closure technique.

Trichophytic Clouser Technique

At Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair transplant Centre, Dr Suneet Soni uses the Trichophytic closure from the last 12 years of his surgical experience with the FUT hair transplant at both the locations of Jaipur (Rajasthan) and Delhi, India to avoid the scars on a larger extent. The cost of hair transplant in India comes under the most selective option due to the pivotal role of the budget cost of the Cosmetic procedure in the pink city, Jaipur and capital Delhi and NCR region that attracts the patients. There is the availability of World’s best hair transplant Surgeons and Doctors with best facilities & care at an Indian cost. With over 12 years experience in all areas of hair restoration & hair loss, Dr Suneet Soni is also a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, including many other national & international leading hair restoration bodies.

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