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The most important factor is first to finalise your hair transplantation doctor. To choose the best hair transplant Surgeon is the most important decision and how such decision should take is described with some valuable points here.


Unfortunately, there are countless clinics running, but a majority of them are unable to dedicate the time and resources, which are essentially required to monitor and perform the hair transplant procedure successfully.

Therefore, those who are looking for the most natural results must be very selective. In case, if one does not find an excellent hair restoration surgeon in the local area, then he or she should consider travelling out. One should never fall prey to false assurances because if a hair transplant fails, then it becomes very difficult to correct it. In this phase of time, one may pass through mental torment.

Under the following checks, you must first identify your hair transplant Doctor. Make sure that your doctor qualifies every check or parameter. Dr Suneet Soni name included under the topmost hair transplant surgeon in India, who has global recognition and identity as a World’s topmost best hair transplant surgeon.

Criteria for Selecting Hair Transplant Doctors:


Professional Qualification

The expertise, ability, skill and experience of a hair restoration doctor, do vary widely, as do the end results. The first question one must seek an answer to is- what is the qualification of the doctor?

Hair transplant is a type of cosmetic surgery and therefore only a plastic as well as cosmetic surgeons are entitled to perform this procedure. Keeping this in mind, only a cosmetic surgeon having an M Ch degree in plastic surgery should be allowed to perform the procedure. Any physician cannot perform hair restoration surgery without any special certification or training. Dr Sunet Soni of Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre is a master of aesthetic skills for putting the aesthetic hairline design in order to meet the need of a natural hair transplant criteria, i.e., proper angle & direction, correct hairline design as well as the slit formation for implanting the grafts.


The second important factor is to judge the best hair transplant Doctors by way of his experience. So one must get an authentic answer to this question is, “what is the number of years the surgeon has exclusively dedicated to hair transplantation?”

Expertise in Performing Mega/Giga session

Ideally, a Doctor will be dedicated to working on procedure all day for a Mega or a Giga session, but there are a lot of horrifying stories about the surgeon wrapping up the entire procedure in a short time or sometimes leaving the procedure in the hands of the non-qualified staff of the clinic. So the answer to the third question is very important that “how many hair transplant procedures does the surgeon perform in one day?” The expert and best hair transplant Surgeon performs only one surgery in a single day to give the utmost care and consciousness for the procedure as well as the patient.

At Medispa, Dr Suneet Soni performs the Mega/Giga session on a regular basis and achieved a well-versed hand in performing the same for a number of patients across the globe.

Aesthetic/Artistic Skills of the Surgeon

A hair transplant Surgeon must possess the aesthetic skills to place the grafts as according to patient’s facial profile, age & sex. It is said that hair restoration procedure is 60% of artistic skills and rest of the scientific approach since both the steps of making the hairline design as well as implanting the grafts on the bald portion needs an extreme sense of artistic skills, which only an expert hair transplant Surgeon can perform in order to get the best aesthetic output of the procedure.

To implant, the follicular units/grafts with utmost care and consciousness are the prime responsibility of the hair transplant Surgeon to offer the best natural look to the patient. The hairline design is what that says about that it is the best aesthetic hair transplant surgery that should be with a proper angle & direction. It is very important to place the graft in a zigzag fashion so that the regrowing of hair on the bald portion will look like the natural growth. The hairline design needs the most aesthetic sense from the Surgeon side that decides the particular line of direction according to the patient’s facial profile in order to attain the goal of the best hair transplant procedure.

Reputation among his patient through his past experience

Doctor’s reputation among his past patients will reveal his past works. If video testimonials are not present on social sites, then one may ask for it. The fourth question one must ask is, “May I see your past patient reviews and may I get the contact numbers of your patients for interaction?” The answer to this question can easily unveil the reality. So let the surgeon provide a list of names and contact numbers of patients willing to discuss their personal experiences.

Doctor’s involvement in scientific conferences

Peer certification has an important role to play in deciding a doctor’s knowledge and skill. Hair restoration surgeries need distinct knowledge and skill, thus it has become apparent that there is a rising need for a certifying association and a certification process.

The Motivation for a development of a certifying process came from the public in the form of many inquiries, asking various forums in India and abroad areas that; “how they were to assess the knowledge and skill of a hair restoration surgeon?” Hair restoration leaders thus identified an independent certification process as a “self-regulation” mechanism. Regular involvement of a doctor in national and international level conferences marks his value and prominence. So you can always find out how many scientific conferences on hair transplant surgery are attended by the Doctor annually.

An experienced and expert Surgeon of hair transplant only recommend the FUT hair transplant as a first option to get rid the problem of baldness rather than the FUE hair transplant and if there is a greater grade of baldness, the Surgeon prefers the combination method of FUT+FUE (Giga/Mega session). As far as cost is concerned, the cost of hair transplant in Jaipur are counted as the budget option and the cost of hair transplant in Delhi/NCR afterwards in terms of best selection with modest cost and best services.

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