Hair Loss problem in the USA (United States of America)

The problem of hair loss/baldness is rising up day-by-day across the world due to the increased level of pollution and changing the lifestyle behaviour apart from the genetic factor of causing the hair loss condition. The statistics of hair loss/baldness problems in the USA must think twice and why the US people visit India to get the treatment of hair loss!

The hair transplant procedure has become immensely all across the globe due to the natural re-growth of hair with utmost aesthetic results. Here we will discuss in detail about the causes of hair loss in the US people that play a pivotal role in increasing the number of hair transplant procedure in India.

As far as the geographical pattern is concerned, the hair transplant cases are as much common and same as that of India, nevertheless, the procedure of the hair transplant in India is increasing day-by-day due to the advancement in technology and procedure as compared to any other countries.

According to the current medical data of hair loss problem in the US has revealed this fact that around 21 million women and 35 million men are presently affected by the hair loss problem.

The majority of hair loss causes are the external factors includes the pollution, smoking, lifestyle behaviour, food habit, and dandruff caused hair loss apart from the internal causes of the Genetics, Hormone, Age and Metabolic syndrome.

The other causes of Hair Loss/Baldness in the US people are adversely affected by the following factors:

  1. Dandruff: Dandruff is the most common cause of hair loss in the US people. A large masses of the population are being affected with dandruff causing hair fall/loss. Why it’s gone up to mammoth proportion and causes the severe cases of the hair fall are largely depends on their lifestyle that is widely affected by the weather condition and the pollution in the environment.
  2. A Stressful Life: It has been found out that around 80% of the US population is seriously affected by the stressful life which infiltrates through multiple routes in an individual life and adversely affects their life habits results in developing the unhealthy attitude towards the life. A stress is a state of a perverse lifestyle tends to the addictive behaviour, i.e., smoking & drug addiction causes the severe case of the hair fall/loss.
  3. Food & Drinking Habits: The US people are obliged to take the junk foods as they always of having the ‘ready to go schedule’, which makes them habitual to get the junk foods and beverages and both are responsible for causing the hair to fall/loss problem. The beverages contain the sugar at highest causes the dysfunction of the pancreas and insulin increases abruptly will raise the DHT level and causes the hair loss. Other harmful substances that lead to the problem of hair fall includes the canned lining of product that leaches the chemicals BPA (Bisphenol A) causes the endocrine disruption which affects the Thyroid hormone and ultimately hair follicles prohibited the growth. These foods and drinks are very harmful to our health as it does not contain the proper nutrition and essential elements lead to the problem of improper digestion, hormonal imbalance and sometimes presents the androgen paradox (a case of hormonal imbalance), a major cause of the hair loss problem.
  4. The use of various Medicines (Drugs) in Major Diseases: The use of various medicines (Steroids & drugs) for several chronic diseases like a thyroid problem, cancer, diabetes, etc., these kinds of medicines may cause the severe hair loss problem.

Why US People Move to Medispa, Jaipur (India) to get the Hair Transplantation by Dr Suneet Soni

Quality Work by Skilled Surgeons

Our Indian Surgeons are well-versed in practising the hair transplant surgery and have the special set of skills and knowledge to present the aesthetic effect of the procedure. Our surgeons are worldwide recognized and accredited and affiliated with many esteemed hair restoration societies both nationally and internationally.

Why Dr Suneet Soni of Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur & Delhi

  • A globally recognized name in the aesthetic hair transplant procedure
  • World’s topmost hair transplant surgeon having the record of remarkable aesthetic outcomes with 3000+ cases
  • Accredited by many leading bodies of the hair restoration societies, i.e., International Society of Hair restoration surgery (ISHRS), International society of aesthetic plastic surgery (ISAPS), Indian Medical Association (IMA), Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons, India (AHRS), etc.
  • Well-versed in performing the FUT hair transplant, FUE hair transplant and the combination method of the FUT+FUE hair transplant (Giga/Mega sessions)

High Hygiene Standards at Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre- Jaipur & Delhi

When we talk about facilities and care we actually think about the hygienic measure and the safety management during the restoration procedure to get the utmost satisfactory results. We are fortunate of having the most advanced technology, equipment along with the standard of hygiene concerns at Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant centres. The Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre are all equipped with the advanced German technology and world class equipment, as well as the centre, has keen concerns regarding the safety and hygienic measure, which can be seen through infection-free clinical premises, a clean environment of the clinic that is regulated by the proper fumigation, sterilization of the equipment and a proper waste management technique that Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre seriously follow and provide the best facilities and a quality service to their patient.

What are the Assets of the Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre?

  • A large Team of Trained Technicians
  • A Large & Separate Cutting Room
  • A Remarkable Signature in Offering World Class Results
  • A Live Support of Consultation & Meeting
  • Facilities of advanced and modern equipment/technology including the higher magnification of 20X German microscopes & 200X magnification of video-assisted microscopes, Carl Zeiss Lenses, Etc.
  • A major concern for measure of hygiene & safety of pre- & post- operative procedure

A Cost-effective Option

The cost of hair transplant in India comes at a lower cost with all the needed and expected benefits of the procedure. The cost of hair transplant at Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair transplant Centre is around one-fourth of the cost of the hair restoration procedure in the USA. It makes a turn-on for the people, who wants an effective care and solution for the cosmetic procedure like hair transplantation. Everyone wants to get cheaper service under the budget with a dual value of the prime care and services with the expert hand of the renowned surgeons and the answer to all this is Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre. The clinic has three locations in India. Two clinics in the state of Rajasthan, i.e., Jaipur & Kota and the third one in the capital New Delhi, India.

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