Hair loss is a big problem now among people and affected almost 50% of the World population. The problem of hair loss is mostly due to the genetic cause of Androgenic alopecia, but the other external factors also play a crucial role in appearing the case of the baldness. The external factors that may cause hair loss, includes the environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, increases the level of stress as well as the use of high chemical-rich shampoo & conditioner along with dye, perming, or straightening of hair methods. The use of an excessive chemical based product for styling of hair or washing it causes a severe hair loss that may change into a total loss of hair and baldness appears if the patient is already suspected with the Androgenic alopecia (genetic hair loss).In the context of Kolkata, the hair loss cases in Kolkata are also a question of concern and must be understood with the aspect of their causative factor and relevant treatment measure. The hair transplant in Kolkata gained their importance from last 5-7 years as the many people are affected by the hair loss problem.The problem of hair loss among Kolkata masses is very common as they use the hard water along with their unhealthy attitudes towards, food, fashion, bad lifestyle, smoking & alcoholism. The problem of hair loss in Kolkata is increasing day-by-day and the Kolkata masses are headed to the hair transplant clinics.

What is the Reason for Hair Loss among Kolkata people is worth to discuss and can be best described by the following points:


Contaminated Water

Arsenic is a substance that occurs naturally and considered to be a heavy metal due to their toxic properties that disrupts the vital body functions. Hair loss is one of the possible hazards that occur due to the metal toxicity.

Among the 144 wards under the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), 100 have significantly higher arsenic contamination in water than the limits deemed safe by the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to the elevated level of Arsenic in the drinking water or using for other purposes like hair wash can cause a great health hazard. Arsenic poisoning is a medical condition that occurs due to elevated levels of arsenic in the body. Long-term exposure can result in thickening of the skin, dark skin, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, heart disease, numbness, and cancer.

The external contamination of the hair from washing with arsenic-rich water causes a severe hair loss problem. The arsenic exposure to hair results in hair loss and the problem accelerated if the patient is already suspected of the Androgenic alopecia.

Junk Food

The second most responsible factor that causes the hair loss is the consumption of junk food like noodles, Pasta, Pizza, Etc. These foods have lack of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that are needed in our health, growth, especially for the hair growth and lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the food may disturb the hormonal secretion in the body results in hair loss problem. The hair loss due to thyroid problem is all known and it is advisable to take enriched nutrients food daily to control your hair loss problem. If the patient is carrying the genes of Androgenic alopecia and do not take a good diet full of all the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals may accelerate the hair loss problem.

Smoking & Alcoholic Behavior

Smoking is one of the riskiest behaviors for health in Kolkata. The Kolkata people have been afflicted with the ‘smoking epidemic’ behavior as the data says about the smoking & alcohol addiction in the Kolkata, which is highly influenced by the status symbol mania. Smoking is a major cause of hair loss as it disrupts our hormonal balance in the body and increases the DHT secretion that plays as a major factor for hair loss.

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Dr Suneet Soni headed the Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre. Dr Suneet Soni has been performing hair transplant surgery for more than 11 years as the main part of his practice at the MEDISPA LASER, COSMETIC & HAIR TRANSPLANT Centre in Jaipur & New Delhi (India). His expertise in giving the advanced FUT/Strip and the FUE hair transplant surgery. He has a large and trained team of expert technicians and staffs that help him in reaching the purpose of a successful hair transplant procedure. He uses the 4th generation technique of FUT hair transplant surgery at Medispa clinic in order to achieve the aesthetic goal of maximum hair/graft implantation in a single session with coverage of the high-density transplant. The FUT/Strip procedure of the Medispa hair transplant clinic is altogether a different procedure as compared to FUE hair transplant. Since the FUT hair transplant, it procedure needs a special set of skills to perform the surgery in order to excise the grafts via a strip in such a manner that the incision area will be closed by the advanced Trichophytic closure to avoid the chances of scars.

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Medispa Hair Transplant Centre is one of the most reputed and recognized hair transplant clinics in India that offers you the best cosmetic results added with the best facilities and care at an affordable cost.

The Features of Medispa centre is jotted down below:

  • World’s best largest grafts dissection room
  • A huge team of trained & experienced technicians
  • Ultra-modern technique and equipment
  • Availability of 20X German Microscope & 200X magnification of the video-assisted Microscope to reduce the transection (damage) rate of graft less than 1%
  • An American standard of facilities and care at an affordable Indian cost
  • A major concern for highest hygienic parameters & safety measure for the procedure.

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At Medispa Hair Transplant centre, Jaipur & Delhi (India) we offer the best cost of hair transplant with the best facilities & care. It is just contrary to financial charges of hair transplant clinics. Medispa Hair Transplant Centre believes in quality results at most affordable prices. Hair transplant cost is charged as per the number of implanted grafts. All information is given to the patient about the procedure there and then only at the time of the initial consultation. Medispa Centre of Jaipur & Delhi, India strongly condemns wrong practices against financial gain. They don’t have any hidden charges like other centres where patients are compelled to pay certain hidden charges during the mid or end of the procedure.

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Hair transplant surgery aims to achieve a result that is as natural as possible. In order to do this, however, we need more than the most up to date techniques.


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