Enlarged Male Breasts: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

What is Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia or enlarged breasts in men are a common hormonal disorder, which develops due to the disorder of the endocrine system during puberty. According to the Medical report, around 70% of adolescent boys experience some breast development during puberty. Newborn and adolescent boys experience some enlargement of the breast due to the influence of maternal hormone or hormonal imbalances during puberty.

The Responsible Factor

The pubertal gynecomastia cases resolve within two years of onset without treatment as it is the stage of hormonal changes and can be solved after a certain time naturally, but 25% rare cases of Gynecomastia occurs due to their association with certain diseases such as cancer or Klinefelter syndrome. These types of cancers’ medications dysfunction the endocrine system of the body that leads to increasing the ratio of estrogens/androgens, which is responsible for the enlarged Gynecomastia in males. The cases of gynecomastia also seen among the older males due to the decline in Testosterone production in the body.

If the gynecomastia persists beyond the 2 years, then the surgical treatment is required as the medications do not have the effective role in curing the gynecomastia and surgical treatment is allowed to remove the enlarged or excess tissue.

The Presented Symptoms

  • The appearance of soft, compressible & mobile subcutaneous chest tissue
  • In certain cases, there may be some fluid discharge from male breasts
  • Can affect one or both the breasts
  • An increase in the diameter of the areola and asymmetry of chest tissue.

A Must Diagnosis

It is very important to get the proper diagnosis before the surgical removal to know about the exact cause of the gynecomastia as it has also been seen that in a very rare case of male breast cancer, the gynecomastia symptoms present that must be correctively evaluated and if required you may be sent for a mammogram.

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Treatment of Gynecomastia

The pubertal breasts will go back to a normal shape on their own, often within 2-3 years. If a health issue associated with your gynecomastia, then the treatment is allowed. The certain medication or drugs cause gynecomastia takes the normal shape once you stop taking the medicines. If the problem persisted for more than 3 years, then it must be surgically removed by the expert plastic & cosmetic Surgeon. The surgery of gynecomastia helps in restoring your original chest size as well as improve your self-esteem need. After making a small cut, a plastic Surgeon removes any extra breast tissue as well as repositioning the nipple or areola. In some particular cases, the procedure of Liposuction is also required to suction out extra fat under the skin.


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