Are You a Right Candidate for Hair Transplant?

Most of the people, who are facing the hair loss problem, undergo for the hair transplant procedure, but an important thing to be considered that which one are right and suitable for the hair transplant. As the procedure is must a surgical in terms of harvesting, the grafts and implanting the same with the application of incision, sutures, punching, and closing the edges of the incision that is segregated according to the technique of the procedure and their methods. During a consultation, the doctor holds a discussion with the patients in order to determine the candidacy for the hair transplant surgery.


Theoretically, any person can go for a hair transplant at any age, but it is not correct and suitable in every case. There is a need to take extreme precautions if you wish to get at a very early age. The chances of hair transplant failure are very high if the person is under the age of eighteen. One should be mature enough in their anatomical stratum to get the best output of the hair transplant procedure. It is necessary to achieve the evolving baldness pattern critically to take the advantages of the procedure in order to fully utilization of the available donor portion as according to the particular grade of baldness. The hair loss situation in a very younger patient is an immature state that makes the difficulty in assessing the exact grade of baldness and there is always a condition of chaos to offer the particular technique as the donor area stability is not properly define at this early age of the patient. Thus, having a hair transplant so early will give the possibility of further multiple procedures in the future to maintain a natural and an aesthetic appearance as the hair loss continues to be progressive over the time. Patients above the age of 30s’ are a suitable candidate because the hair loss pattern in this stage of age is well recognized and on the other hand, the hair transplant procedure fully utilized and give the ultimate stable results which do not require any further session of the procedure and maintenance as well.

Realistic Approach

Practically, People who are undergoing for the hair transplant procedure must have some peculiar idea, information and knowledge regarding the procedure that can be taken by a proper consultation with a surgeon. Mostly, the people look for a greater expectation for the hair transplant procedure. There are the choices of hairline design with the procedure that makes a difference in placing the hair grafts by the surgeon and require the special set of skills and knowledge of aesthetic surgery. Many of them look for a younger look and follow the fashionable cut as if teenagers and some of them look for challenging styles and adopt the particular style like the film stars and players. But, this not a practical approach for the hair restoration surgery as the everyone has their own facial profile and looks that needs a corrective assessment by your surgeon before the procedure to put the aesthetic hairline design with the utmost natural result. However, in some cases of the procedure that  decided by the patients wish and style demands comes under the failure of the procedure that is why it is a responsibility of the surgeon to assess the condition thoroughly and tell every fact and facet of the transplantation to their patients.

Healt Conditions

The Health Conditions and their check-up are as much important as the surgery and need to assess by a Doctor/Surgeon before the procedure has to have opted. It is a type of surgery that needs a thorough check-up for the BP, sugar, infections and chronic disease if any! As the surgery, require a healthy immune system of the patient’s body to fight against any kind of infections. Serious medical conditions should be resolved before surgery to reduce the risk of post-procedure complications. If one has a chronic health condition such as diabetes, neurological disorders, cardio or respiratory problems, then it is advisable to consult with your family physician or the hair transplant surgeon to know the pre-procedural measure to get the best outcomes of the procedure.


A Healthy lifestyle is also very important for the patients who undergo for any kind of general or cosmetic procedure. To take a balanced diet, proper workouts and avoiding stress are very important for a healthy life, which not only help one feel better but also act as a key factor in the success of a hair transplant procedure. Making healthy choices every day boosts the immune system, which in turn helps in reducing the recovery time as well as the chances of inflammation, besides guaranteeing a lower risk of infection among hair transplant patients.

Donor Availability

Donor Availability on the patient’s scalp is an important factor for a hair transplant candidacy. It is an extent of hair loss and the available donor area that are reciprocally related to each other for performing a hair transplant procedure, which decides the feasibility of the surgery as according to the condition of the patient’s health. Your donor area plays a pivotal role in the success of the hair transplant procedure.

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