Combination Method of FUT & FUE (FUT+FUE) Hair Transplant

Discussion on hair transplant through various forums, opens the platform for detailed examination between the FUE and FUT, although both are popular and effective methods of hair transplant surgery. Both methods of surgical hair restoration include harvesting grafts follicular units, clusters of 1 to 4 hairs and transplanting them into tiny incisions in the balding or recipient area. The only difference between them is the harvesting or extraction method.

FUT + FUE (Giga/Mega Session) for a High- density Hair Transplant

During an FUE procedure, a surgeon uses a device/tool that includes some kind of punch in order to score the skin and dig down to the hair roots. Now the hair follicles are separate from the scalp, leaving some surrounding tissue intact and removed. Strip surgery (FUT) contains harvesting a linear strip of tissue that contains thousands of follicular units. The strip has slivered into smaller pieces and further dissected under video-assisted microscopes for creating perfect follicular unit grafts for transplanting. Each harvesting method comes with its own list of benefits and limitations. Doctors/Surgeons and patients always do the debate about which method is best or superior for the hair transplant procedure. In fact, both these techniques are being in curing different types of baldness. If the balding area has covered under the four fingers of palm, then the FUE method have recommended. If balding is bigger than the area covered by four fingers then only FUT hair transplant is the option.

Maximum Possible Coverage Area with High Density

Dr Suneet Soni believes that utilising both procedures would benefit patients with advanced balding stage, the most. By starting with the strip and finishing with FUE, doctors harvest and transplant a number of hair grafts as compared to the single method alone and this is known as combined method of FUT+FUE hair transplant. Thus, instead of debating about which one is superior, why not utilise both methods in order to maximise the amount of hair available for transplanting. At ultimately, the patients who utilise both outstanding procedures will possess a natural looking, dense head of hair, aesthetic outcomes with all satisfying results that are far better than the single method of option for the hair restoration procedure.

Advantages of FUT+FUE Hair Transplant

  • Maximum possible coverage area with high-density hair transplants by FUT+FUE
  • Achieving the desired density/dense packed hair as according to the wish and expectations
  • Both the techniques of FUT & FUE are performed to achieve the fully aesthetic outcomes in order to fulfill the desired number of grafts.

Results After FUT+FUE with a High-density Hair Transplant

In the context of cost, the cost of hair transplant for the combination method (FUT+FUE) hair transplant at Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur, New Delhi (India) is still an affordable option, in spite of giving the greater number of grafts for covering the higher grade of balding. The per grafts cost for the procedure is popular in India and the selection of pink city, Jaipur, capital Delhi and NCR region is the preferable one in terms of a budget cost option in India.


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