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Endodontic Therapy

Endodontics/Endodontics is a root canal treatment refers to the study & practice of fundamental and clinical biology of the normal dental pulp and the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the dental pulp associated with periradicular conditions.

An Endodontist perform a variety of procedures are as follows:

  • Endodontic Therapy (Root canal Therapy)
  • Endodontic Retreatment
  • Treating cracked teeth
  • Dental trauma

When is Endodontic/Root Canal treatment (RCT) required?

When a nonsurgical root canal procedure is not sufficient to correct the dead and dying tissue from the and dental pulp becomes diseased and injured, endodontic treatment is required to save the tooth. Endodontics is a core chapter of the dentistry and only an experienced and skilled Endodontists can perform it well. Dr Anupama Soni is an experienced and a reputed name in the Endodontics treatment in Jaipur. She has many years of excellence in the Endodontics treatment and an accolade with the Gold Medalist in BDS & MDS. She serves both the national & foreign patients and has a record of giving the aesthetic result of the endodontic treatment at an affordable cost of Endodontics in Jaipur, Rajasthan (India). Dr Anupama is an Endodontic expertise and headed the Medispa signature smile in the pink city, Jaipur and her long-term exposure in the dentistry sets her apart from other Endodontics.

Indication of the Endodontic Root Canal (RCT) Treatment

If your problem persisted even after the proper diagnosis by the X-ray and no problem detected and there is a case of tiny fracture associated with the tooth or canals that could not find out with the nonsurgical treatment, then the procedure of endodontic therapy is recommended by the Endodontists. The endodontic therapy is allowed to correct the various problems of the tooth and root canal and the procedure of Endodontics have an aesthetic appeal if the expert dental Surgeon who can give you an aesthetic outcome of the procedure does it.

  • Unwanted Calcium deposition in the Canal

Due to the unhealthy attitude there will be some cases related to the unwanted calcium deposit to the canal that makes a canal too narrow for the nonsurgical treatment and in this particular case of ‘Calcification’, endodontist recommended the endodontic surgery to correct the issue of calcification and to clean and seal the remainder of the canal.

  • To treat injured root surfaces or surrounding Bone

The endodontic therapy may also be performed to treat injured root surfaces and the surrounding bone to correct the canal and tooth problems. Therefore, we can say that the endodontics is performed to save the tooth in many cases. Endodontics is recognized as a specialty by many leading and reputed dental societies, i.e., American Dental Association, Indian Dental Association, General Dental Council, and British General Dental Council.

What is single sitting Root Canal Treatment?

RCT is an acronym of root canal treatment and a single sitting root canal treatment weighs the importance of a full treatment of dental problems, including, broken teeth, severe toothache, traumatic tooth injury & infections in a single sitting without having any kind of side effect and infection if performed by an expert Endodontics. It is a completely safe procedure with a prompt recovery time.

Dr Anupama Soni, the chief Endodontist at Medispa Signature Smile, Jaipur and expertise of Root Canal Treatment (RCT) with a long-time exposure that she earned from many reputed and leading dental societies.

What is Re-root Canal Treatment?

The re-root canal treatment is needed in a case of failure of root canal treatment when the tooth that has been treated previously doesn’t heal properly and causes a diseased and painful mouth; re-root canal treatment is required. This can be persisted even years after treatment and can be assessed properly by an Endodontics to get the possible cure. Only an experienced and expert Endodontics can perform a successful re-root canal treatment as it is a revised case of the root canal treatment (RCT). Dr Anupama Soni is a recognized name in doing the Endodontics therapy with more than a decade experience and handles the re-root canal treatment regularly at Medispa Signature Smile, Jaipur with utmost aesthetic outcomes with all the advanced care & hygiene.

When is Re-root canal treatment Required?

  • When the tooth does not heal properly as expected after the initial treatment of root canal systems due to the following reasons:
  • A Curved canal could not get treated during the initial RCT
  • Due to the complicated canal anatomy
  • Delayed placement of the crown following the Endodontics
  • The initial RCT could not prevent the salivary contamination and caused infections 

Why Medispa Smile for Endodontics

Medispa Smile is one of the topmost dental clinics in India situated in the pink city, Jaipur (Rajasthan). The topmost Endodontist Dr Anupama Soni, a recognized and reputed name in the arena of Dental surgery, heads Medispa Smile. She is continually practising the aesthetic dental treatment for many years and accredited by many leading national bodies of dental surgery. She caters both the national & international clients on per day basis.

Membership of Dr Anupama Soni

  • Federation of Operative Dentist India (FODI)
  • Indian Endodontic Society (IES)
  • Indian Dental Association (IDA)
  • Rajasthan Association of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics (RACE)
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