Ear & Nose Prick Closer

Ear and nose prick loser comes under the Otoplasty denotes the surgical or non-surgical procedure, which corrects the defects and deformities of Pinna and also applied or the reconstruction of absent external ear to offer the aesthetic cosmetic effect of the procedure. Generally, the ear piercing or external ear deformities and defects are corrected by the expert Otoplasty Surgeon who has many years of excellence in the field of plastic & cosmetic surgery. Dr Suneet Soni of Medispa laser & cosmetic surgery centre, Jaipur & Delhi has a record of giving the remarkable results for ear & nose prick closing on a number of patients which is a token of his excellence in the field of the cosmetic surgery.

Ear Lobe Closure

Earlobe closing is a cosmetic surgery procedure to restore the appearance of earlobes that have been torn or stretched due to trauma or piercing, including the insertion of ear gauges. It is also possible to attempt re-piercing for those who wish to correct their previous ear lobes closed procedure. The procedure time required for the ear lobes closing is roughly one hour. The required time period for the healing of ear piercing procedure is less than one week.

Nose Prick Closure

Nose prick closure treatment is for the permanent closing of nose pierced hole. The Cosmetic Surgeon closes the nose prick by the cosmetic procedure along with removing the scars if any. You must consider this point in mind to get the job done only by the experienced and qualified Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon to get the aesthetic result of the procedure.

Typically, the hole of nose piercing will close over time and can take more than 5-6 months to complete the closing. The scar associated with nose piercing also takes more than 6 months to fade. The Surgeon recommends the scar fade gels to accelerate the process of fading and healing in particular cases.

Cost of Ear & Nose Prick Closure

The cost of ear & nose prick closure at Medispa Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre are affordable one and the procedure service is provided by the renowned Laser & Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Suneet Soni. The assurance of aesthetic outcomes of the procedure is 100% as the Surgeon has many years of excellence in the field of Otoplasty in India.

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