Natural dimples are formed due to a fault in the musculature of the cheek. The dimples are formed due to the contraction of the cheek muscles. When people smile the dimple created and looks appealing. Many of us are fond of having the dimples on the cheeks and now it is possible with a simple biopsy surgery. Some people are blessed with natural dimples by birth, but the people, especially the females if want to have that can achieve it by the surgery.

Dr Sneet Soni of Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur & New Delhi (India), a renowned name in the plastic & cosmetic surgery and the procedure of dimple making must be done with the expert plastic & cosmetic Surgeon.

Why is Dimple making Surgery desired by the people?

By getting the Dimple making surgery your self-esteem improves and the feeling of wellness comes into your mind and soul as it is taken as a beauty enhancer asset of our body.

Your Confidence Booster

Dimple is a way of looking beautiful and your beauty enhances your personality. If you look beautiful, it makes a mute recommendation for your first turn everywhere. It increases your confidence and acts as a confidence booster

Beauty Enhancer

It improves your beauty as well as groom your personality. It is considered as the key of your beautiful face.

A quick surgery with almost zero downtime

It is a very quick surgery and takes only 20-30 minutes to complete. In some cases, it takes 1 hour. A patient can start their daily schedule of work just after the procedure as there is no any side effect or post-operative care is involved in it!

Procedure of Dimple Creation

The procedure time of dimple creation on the cheeks only takes 20-30 minutes. The procedure starts with the dimple site making and the next step is of local anaesthesia, that is given by the Surgeon and thereafter 6-8 mm punch is used to make the punching on the marked site for dimple craft. The punching process excised the soft tissue till dermis and finally created the dimple on the cheeks.

After the surgery, the Surgeon recommends the liquid cold diet for 3 days, and antibiotics for 7 days to the patient till the healing process is completed.

The Cost of Dimple making Procedure

The cost of the dimple making procedure is affordable at the Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur. Usually, the price ranges between the 20,000/INR to 40,000/INR, but it depends on the patients’ wish and expectations particularly.



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