Crown Hair Transplant by the FUT Technique

The word “vertex” has derived from Latin, which means “whirlpool, whirlwind, top of the mountain, or the top of the head.” Most people have clockwise scalp hair-whorls at this region of the scalp so there will be a need of hair restoration at the vertex zone. The crown (vertex) is the area on the top of the skull, from where it begins to slope downward into a horizontal plane. It is the highest point on the head. Therefore, it must draw an attention when there is a cosmetic inconsistency or irregularity like the baldness. The exposed scalp or bald area is easily noticeable. A person may not see it in the mirror every day, but knowing its existence can cause a severe social anxiety, depletion of confidence and the depression as well.

The toughest task in the hair transplant is the hairline design and this section of hair restoration needs a high level of expertise and experience as making a pattern for hairline is complete an aesthetic skill that requires a special set of skill and knowledge from the surgeon’s side. Only an experienced and best Surgeon or Doctors of hair transplant can make the possibility of densely-packed hair transplant. The name of Dr Suneet Soni is on top in the section of densely-packed hair transplant with both the FUT hair transplant and the combination method of FUT+FUE hair transplant. The hair at crown merges with two different patterns because of the hair growth on the head. One is of frontal hair having an angulation of more than 45 degrees and hair at the back of the head having less than 15 degrees from the baseline of the scalp. At the time of making slits at the vertex, proper angulation is given which may give a result of the whirling hair texture. For putting, a correct and aesthetic hairline design is not so easy because it needs a special set of precision, skill and expertise from the Surgeon side as the output of the procedure must match to the individual’s facial profile and their look.

Crown Hair Transplant by FUT

The hair, which has a character to grow downwards for covering the back of the head is forced to act as a merger of two portions of the head and they grow in a circular angulation range between the 15° to 45°. Due to the spherical shape of this area of the head, it is enormously large and does require a much greater number of grafts as compared to the other regions. In the case of high-grade of baldness, the crown becomes the largest bald area on the head.

Preferred hair transplant procedure for a vertex to these patients with a satisfactory crown hair restoration is just difficult and to a large extent is an impossible task if the procedure is carried out through the FUE technique. In certain cases, additional body hairs are used for transplantation to cover the bald portion of the vertex. The robotic hair transplant which is used for the FUE procedure applied the robotic punching, but the major drawback is to leads the damage of grafts during the punching process.

The optional cure as a PRP therapy and Mesotherapy is also not a suitable for the crown area baldness. Dr Suneet Soni suggests their patient for undergoing a thorough checkup before making a final decision for the hair restoration.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is also known as the Gold procedure of hair transplant includes the removal of the strips of the skin tissues from the safe donor portion of the scalp. At Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur (Rajasthan) & New Delhi, India; Dr Suneet Soni focuses on the FUT hair transplant, which is considered as the Gold standard technique of the hair transplant procedure.

FUT is considered as a less complicated procedure with high-yielding results because hair doesn’t follow the dynamic, removing punching of one-by-one like the FUE procedure. The requirement of follicular units (grafts) for covering the vertex or crown portion is always in a higher number and that is why only an FUT procedure is recommended in this particular case. On the other hand, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is highly a time-consuming procedure and cannot give the number of more than 2500 follicular units in one sitting. The Graft damage rate is also incredibly high in FUE procedure. Besides that, it spoils the density of hair at the back of the head, whereas with the FUT hair transplant procedure, cosmetic surgeons get enough supply of grafts. The strip line is neatly closed with the Trichophytic closure. The donor area remains intact and no sign of a scar is visible at all!

As far as cost is concerned, the cost of hair transplant is all determined on the basis of the number of usable grafts that is decided by the applied techniques, whether it is FUT, FUE or the combination method of FUT+FUE hair transplant. The cost of hair transplant in Jaipur is far better than the other city of the India in terms of budget concern and the position of Delhi/NCR comes afterwards.

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