Age & Sun Spot, Freckles

Sun Spot

Chronic exposure to the sun (UVB) ultraviolet radiations causes the changes in skin colouration and leads to extrinsic ageing and pigmentation. This damage of skin is also termed as Photodamage. The damage of skin caused by the ultraviolet radiations affects the connective tissue of the dermis and keratinocytes and decays them in such an extent that presents the sign of the sun damage of the skin such as redness of skin, blemishes on the skin, itching and brown patches on the skin due to the long-time fun out in the sun. These sun spots appear after a year as brown patches on the skin looks ugly if affects the facial area and the cure option is available with the laser treatment or using of an IPL (intense pulsed light) device.

The laser or an IPL treatment for removing the sunspots works very effectively and gives a youthful and glowing skin if performed by the expert plastic & cosmetic Surgeon. Dr Suneet Soni of Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre is one of the World’s topmost Cosmetic Surgeons, giving the laser treatment and IPL for more than a decade with utmost great results. The cost of laser and IPL treatment of Medispa, Jaipur (Rajasthan) & New Delhi, India is also very genuine that can easily come under the budget of every economic group of the people.


Skin ageing consists of photo ageing (extrinsic) and intrinsic ageing. Photo ageing is the subject of the extrinsic ageing that needs to be corrected when they present the blemish, brown spots and causes the dullness of the skin. We Medispa laser & cosmetic surgery centre treat the photo ageing patient if the spots vastly affect the skin, especially the face, neck, arms, back and chest of the patient. We use both the laser treatment and IPL device to cure the problem with utmost care and consciousness. Dr Suneet Soni is World’s topmost laser and cosmetic Surgeon headed the Medispa centre both in the city of Jaipur & Kota in Rajasthan and gives the cosmetic procedure with all aesthetic touch & beauty. The cost of the IPL of Jaipur clinic is the affordable one that can be easily picked by any economic class of the patient. The ageing sign of the face that is caused by the photoaging can be best cured by the laser treatment and with the IPL device to get the enhanced skin appearance without any scar and spots.


Freckles are flat, brown and random sized spots that are distributed all over the facial skin looks an awkward and needs a corrective solution. According to the AAD (American Association of Dermatologists), freckle is a type of skin damage.

The causes of freckles include the following factors:

  • Too much exposure to the sunlight
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalance


There are laser & cosmetic procedure are available to reduce the spots, marks, and blemishes that occur due to the ageing both extrinsic & intrinsic, sun spots and freckles. The cost of laser treatment of Medispa, Jaipur is an affordable one that easily suits to any economic group of the people. Dr Suneet Soni of Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre is a reputed name in the cosmetic and laser surgery world and his remarkable outputs of performing the procedure are outstanding. The cost of IPL treatment and the cost of laser treatment of Medispa is appreciated by both the national & international clients as it all depends on the value services and world-class facilities of the Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre.

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