Acne & Pimple Scar

The acne & pimples are a scar resultant wound contains the pus, which is very common under the age 24.  The acne develops due to the over secretion of the Sebum from the sebaceous gland and is very common among the teens and adults under 40. The sebaceous gland active because of the puberty hormone and in very extent it causes the scar resultant wound. The frequency of acne healing time is gradual and the pus-filled raised skin pore causes inflammation on the skin takes their time to heal. After healing of acne naturally, it transformed into the scar resultant area; which is a cosmetic disturbing situation.

Acne affects almost 85% of people at some point in their life. It may last for a few months or a few years and go off by itself. Once an acne lesion heals, it leaves behind a red or hyperpigmented mark on the skin. This mark is not a scar, but only a post-inflammatory change. Usually, our skin takes 6-12 months to heal and remodel itself. But if the mark does not go away for more than a year, then it is definitely a permanent scar. Thus an early and appropriate treatment is all you need to prevent acne from leaving acne scars and dis-pigmentation behind.

Types of Acne Scar

The cosmetic procedure, treatment for acne scar is not one for all as it is affected by many factors, including the shape, size and period of the acne scar. The type of acne scar is helpful in deciding the treatment measure for the acne scar.

The Acne scars are of following Types:

  1. Rolling Acne Scars: The rolling acne scars are caused by the chronic acne scars and make the skin depress with sloping edges. This looks like the ugly mark on the facial skin.
  2. Boxcar acne Acne Scars: It is a depressed acne scar. It is clearer and bolder acne scars that affected the very small area of the skin as compared to the rolling acne scars. It appears as a shape of the box and that is why known as the boxcar acne scars.
  3. Ice pick Acne Scars: The ice pick acne scar is like a large and empty pore on the skin and very similar to the boxcar acne scar, but it is larger than the boxcar and forms the deeper pits, which is very hard to remove.
  4. Hyperpigmentation & Hypopigmentation: This is the result of the uneven skin tone between the affected skin and the skin around it.

Treatment of various types of Acne Scars



One of the main steps to prevent acne scarring is simply not to pick, pinch, and squeeze your pimples. Besides, you can use glycolic peels and some special creams to soften the scar tissue and enhance the texture of the skin. You can also use cryotherapy, collagen injections and some other vitamins and minerals that help reduce acne scarring such as the vitamins A and E, as well as zinc.

Boxcar scars are best treated with the help of punch excision, punch elevation, dermal fillers or laser resurfacing. Ice pick scars are best treated with punch excision or punch grafting. The laser treatment is widely used in the cosmetic surgery procedure to remove the scars due to the acne and pimples. Dr Suneet Soni of Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre is a world’s best cosmetic Surgeon performs the laser treatment for removing the acne & pimple scars. Rolling scars are best treated with the help of subcutaneous incision, also known as a subcision. The subcision cost of the Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur & New Delhi (India) cosmetic centre is affordable and anyone can easily take this treatment as it is a modest cost option in Jaipur (Rajasthan) and given by the World’s Best Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon, Dr Suneet Soni.

Plastic Surgery for the Acne Scars Removal

Plastic surgery is performed to treat larger and deeper pitted scars due to the Boxcar scars and the ice pick acne scars.

The plastic surgery includes the following mode to treat the various types of acne scars are as follows:

  • Collagen injection treatment
  • Excision of the scars by cutting out of deep pitted acne scars
  • Skin grafting for treating the pitted acne scars.

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