How Professionals Mislead a Hair Transplant Patient

It is a disgrace in the present scenarios that few of the hair transplant centres/clinics have also been acting like money making industries. The medical ethics are completely being ignored and patients are misled for unscrupulous monetary gain. The hair transplant procedure both the FUT & FUE needs a keen attention from the surgeons as it is totally a cosmetic surgery that requires a particular set of skills & knowledge. There is an importance of doing the specific homework before going to opt the hair transplant procedure or before finalising the hair transplant Surgeon/Doctor. All we have an option to do the proper research of clinic and Surgeon if we are planning for the hair restoration procedure.

In the field of hair transplant, the large numbers of wrong hair transplant cases are noted and everywhere it is found that the patient is misguided and huge money has been extorted. Provisions of legal actions are being certainly prevailing in every country, but legal remedy cannot cure the mental torment of a victim. There is no scope to correct the mentality of extorting, sitting at centres, who are paid to grab every walking patient by hook and crook. In the interest of patients, the only option left to protect them from any misshapen is to educate them so that they are not misled by the incorrect logic of counsellors at hair transplant centres.

Since the hair transplant procedure is not such kind of thing that anyone will take like darling buds option likewise the teenage dream. The procedure itself is a boon to re-achieve your natural hair back. And, what is prevailing factor that works in the field of restoration and follows the term of AK, i.e., ‘All time necessity as a knocking reminder’ that must keep in consideration before and after the procedure by the patient as well as the surgeon in terms of searching and be opting the hair transplant procedure. At Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur & New Delhi (India); Dr Suneet Soni always concerns about the safe procedure without any side effect at level best and never suggest the procedure if the patient doesn’t fulfil the eligibility criteria for the hair restoration.

Possible places where patients may be misled

It has been seen that large number of cases where patients get incorrect information are the places where;

  • Leading doctor is not a plastic & cosmetic surgeon.
  • The Centre is more focused on marketing rather than treatment.
  • Counsellors are not well qualified Allopathic doctors.
  • The Clinic/Center is distracted from the main course of work and is more focused on selling and advertising their products like lasers, stem cells, PRP, etc.

Possible candidates who get misled

Patients who get victimised due to misleading information and finally face dire consequences are mostly those who;

  • Simply overlook the essential criteria of selecting a hair transplant surgeon or best hair transplant clinic.
  • Get influenced by the advertisements.
  • Run after the brand or Company name without knowing the operating Surgeon.
  • Are not well versed with the basics of hair transplant.
  • Give priority to the cost rather than assessing other factors in the hair transplant procedure.

Misleading Points

A patient gets misled mostly during the first visit at a hair transplant centre, where a trained marketing personnel have one on one discussion with the patient. The following are some of the most common one-liners that entrap the patients easily;

  • We are the best in the Hair Transplant Industry.
  • We do hair transplant under a modified version of FUE.
  • FUE is a non-surgical method of hair transplant.
  • The method of FUE can cure any grade baldness.
  • There is no graft damage in FUE method.
  • FUT is an obsolete method in the hair transplant.
  • FUT will leave a long linear scar whereas FUE is scar-less.
  • We treat with stem cells.
  • Our charges are based on transplanted hair.
  • It is against our rules to show our past patient profiles.
  • We use only “the robot” to perform the complete procedure.
  • The robotic hair transplant procedure is an innovative method of the procedure
  • The alternative options like PRP method and the Mesotherapy works as a remedial option for all type of people and in all stages of baldness
  • The hair transplant cost is cheap at our centre and we are giving the good discounts if you book the procedure immediately.
  • Unlimited hair transplant in a single session.

These employees are not qualified in terms of the knowledge of Medical ethics and science and medical scruples hold no meaning for them. So be cautious, do not get carried away by false assurances. Hair transplantation is a safe scientific technique to overcome balding subjected if-:

  • The procedure is performed by a professionally qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon having an aesthetic sense of hairline design
  • A well-trained team of technicians for graft cutting assists the procedure
  • The entire procedure is performed in a hygienic and a fully equipped centre of hair transplant
  • The operation theatre must be fumigated to ensure about the bacteria free zone
  • The surgical equipment or tools must be sterilised before the procedure
  • The use of proper magnification of the microscope must be added for the dissection of grafts

The procedure of hair transplant in India is very prevalent as the cost of the procedure is really come under the budget cost option as compared to the countries like the USA, UK and Europe. As far as cities are concerned, the cost of the procedure in Jaipur is most selective one and hair transplant in Delhi afterwards as this also served by many expertise surgeon’s hands and the trained team of technicians and one example is the clinic of Medispa.

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