3 Days Accommodation Facilities For Outpatients

We are offering the best hair transplant services with care and comfort to make the additional benefits to our patients/clients. We are fair in our saying and our duties toward each patient to make the feel of gentle care and homely touch with all the amenities. We understand the patients’ needs and provides the 3 days accommodation to our outpatients in order to help them effectively and assures about the hassle free & safe procedure with pre-and post-operative care, planning and assessment.

As any hair transplant procedure is just a day care procedure, but our Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre provides the facilities of 3 days accommodation for our outpatients to make the patients feel comfortable and a hassle free procedure. We know the patient’s anxiety before the procedure and act with the courteous clinical team to offer them a hygienic and a very adaptable environment along with all the standard benefits and care from assessment till implantation with care & comfort under the one single roof. What only that our patients have to do is just scheduling the appointment for the procedure afterwards all the things related to the procedure will be taken care by the Medispa, Jaipur, Kota & New Delhi team and experts.

Why is 3 Days Accommodation Needed?

Day, 1st

  • Assessment: The first day of the hair transplant procedure is scheduled for the clinical assessment includes a blood test, blood pressure, Etc…, which is a mandatory before any kind of surgical procedure to avoid the complications.
  • Explanation & Planning: Dr Suneet Soni does the clinical assessment for the patient along with the explanation of the procedure with each facet related to the restoration procedure in order to make the patient assured with the natural results. It is admissible that a patient should be familiar with the clinical atmosphere in order to get the assured and well-informed about the procedure. The present health status and the scalp condition of the patient exactly at the time of the procedure should be known by the hair transplant Surgeon. A face to face communication between the Doctor and patient is needed to know about the pre-and post-planning for the procedure.
  • Proper rest to Cope with Anxiety: It is necessary to reach the clinic one day before so that our Doctor will give you the required medicines for proper sleep to cope with the stress and anxiety if any, which is very common among the patients before the procedure.

Day, 2nd

  • The Procedure starts early in the morning: Since the hair transplant procedure starts early in the morning at 6’O clock, which lasted till around 5.00-6.00 pm in the evening. It is better to come to the clinic one day before to make everything in a quite comfortable manner. At Medispa, Dr Suneet Soni always advised the patient to stay overnight after the procedure so that they can take proper rest as well as the first head wash by very next morning before leaving the centre. 

Day, 3rd

  • Head Wash Procedure: The next day after the hair transplant procedure, it is required to give the head wash to the patient and at Medispa centre, our expert technicians and staff are well-versed in doing so! The trained technicians give the head wash and also instruct the patient about the post head wash to care for next 10 days which should be routinely followed by the patient.
  • Post-operative instructions: After the head wash & before leaving the centre, Dr Suneet Soni, takes the follow-up and gives the post-operative instructions, care and prescribed some medications that should be followed by the patient. The post-operative instructions include the prescription for the needed antibiotics for the healing process after the hair transplant procedure.

The Standard facilities of Accommodation at Medispa Hair Transplant Centre

  • Well-equipped Guest Rooms: We have the facilities of well-equipped rooms with all the standard facilities and care for the patients which are the priority of our Medispa Clinic. The rooms are facilitated with the needed amenities and cleanliness measure towards the comfortable & infection-free surroundings.

No Bed rest/hospitalisation required after the procedure

The hair transplant is a quite small, safe and a painless procedure, which is completed in a single day. It doesn’t require any kind of bed rest or hospitalisation. So, a patient can start his routine work just immediately after the procedure such as travelling and can perform the regular jobs as well! Outpatients can fly back to their home destination by the very next day.

Our helpdesk is always available for our guest patients! If you have any query or need any assistance for pre- and post-procedure, kindly contact us!

Main Attraction after the procedure:

After the procedure, if the patient wants to enjoy the sightseeing of Jaipur, our executives are always available to help them in getting the best hotels for staying to visit and enjoy the pink city Jaipur, especially in the view of Palace beauty. As the city is adorned with the historical palaces, monuments, the Jaipur is known for their enriched royal historical value.

The Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & hair transplant Jaipur Centre is situated in the heart of the city (Vaishali Nagar). The Medispa Jaipur Centre is just 30 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the railway station as well as the bus stop.

The Top Sightseeing of Jaipur is Highlighted below:

City Palace of Jaipur

City Palace Jaipur

Occupying the Centre of Jaipur, the City Palace covers one-seventh of the city area. The palace has a high wall or the Sara had that surrounds it on all sides. It is a bit confusing to find the main entrance to the palace and can only be arrived at after going through various bazaars (Sireh Deori), past the Town Hall (Vidhan Sabha), passing through the arches of Sireh Deori (boundary gate) also known as the Udai Pol, Naqqar Darwaza (drum gate), the Vijai Pol, Jai Pol, Ganpati Pol and via the Jaleb Chowk.

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

The Hawa Mahal, or the Palace of Winds, is arguably Jaipur’s best-known monument. For one, it is unlike any other Rajput monument – fort, palace or temple. Secondly, it’s a bit too whimsical and delicate, almost like a magical structure from the Arabian Nights. Despite its towering height and length, the Hawa Mahal looks like a light, airy structure which might blow away with the slightest wind. Placed right in the middle of the bustling Johari Bazaar, near the Badi Chaupad (the big square), this reddish-pink building made of red sandstone is a constant reminder of Jaipur’s colourful history which refuses to just curl up and die.

Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort Jaipur

Whenever Man Singh I (late 16th century) or his successors warred and won gold, silver, jewels and another booty, they hoarded it in the Jaigarh Fort. And they had the loyal Minas to fiercely guard their haul. The dictum of the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Puranas, ‘a fort is the strength of a king’, must have loomed large in the minds of the Rajputs while building the Jaigarh Fort. The ambitious Jai Singh II then expanded, remodelled and renamed it in 1726. And since this fort never fell into the hands of enemies, it stands almost intact to this day.

The Samode Attractions

The Samode Attractions

Samode nestles quietly among the rugged hills of the Northern Aravallis. As you weave your way through these low hills, the Samode Fort Palace, perched high on a ridge, looms into view. But the high point of a trip to this place is the imposing Samode Palace, now converted into a hotel. The village is full of character; local artisans churn up the beautiful printed cloth and glass bangles. There’s a small artist’s colony which produces wonderful miniature paintings on old paper (See Arts & Crafts for more on a miniature painting of Rajasthan). A walk through the old painted Havelis (mansions) of Samode can be really fun, like walking into the past.

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